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Image de New camping sector on Île Grosbois.

New camping sector on Île Grosbois

Camping in nature’s serenity in Parc national des Îles-de-Boucherville, only a few kilometres from Montréal! Stay at one of 54 semi-serviced campsites or in one of 21 ready-to-camp Huttopia tents, all located in the new Île Grosbois camping sector, only 3 km away by bike or foot.

Image de Get 25% off your next camping stay on weekdays.

Get 25% off your next camping stay on weekdays

Plan your next camping stay right away at any of our destinations in the authentic great outdoors. Until June 15, 2015, book five consecutive weeknights (Sunday through Thursday) for the upcoming summer season and get 25% off your stay. Certain conditions apply. Details

Image de Family Time.

Family Time

For all parents looking for vacation ideas: interactive map tailored to your interests, detailed fact sheets, crowd pleasers, and money-saving tips. Your whole family is welcome here! Explore our family destinations

Image de Annual Parcs Québec Network Card.

Annual Parcs Québec Network Card

Your pass for our protected areas. Enjoy an unlimited acces to the 24 Québec’s national parks for a period of 12 months! With the purchase of this card until September 1, 2015, you have a chance to win a stay worth $10,000 at Parcs Nunavik. Details

Image de The camping season has begun!.

The camping season has begun!

You can now go camping at a number of our establishments! Gather your camping gear and head out to sleep under the stars, in the heart of our exceptional protected areas. Check out the site of your favourite establishment to find out about the operating periods of the various camping sectors

Yurt, hut and kayak‑camping: bookings for summer 2016

You can now book your stay in a yurt or hut or for kayak‑camping for summer 2016. Also, it’s possible to reserve a camping stay or a camping‑fishing excursion in a wildlife reserves or a tourist resorts for summer 2016.

Image de Reopening of Parc national des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie : June 22, 2015.

Reopening of Parc national des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie : June 22, 2015

After temporary closure of the park due to major reconstruction work on Des Érables dam, Parc national des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie will be ready to welcome visitors again on June 22, 2015. Details

Image de A 100 % natural peaceful haven.

A 100 % natural peaceful haven

This summer why not gather around a campfire and listen to the loon concerto under a starry sky? Parc national de Frontenac invites you for a camping or canoe-camping stay. Unforgettable moments guaranteed!

Image de New Ready-to-Fish Package!.

New Ready-to-Fish Package!

First-time anglers: why not try your hand at fishing thanks to our new Ready-to-Fish package? It includes the loan of fishing gear for brook trout fishing (fishing rod, tackle box and lures), cabin accommodations, boat and fishing right of access. Details

Image de Fishing Festival: June 5 to 7.

Fishing Festival: June 5 to 7

Special activities will be taking place throughout Québec during this festival, including several in the wildlife reserves and national parks. A unique opportunity to try fishing without having to buy a provincial fishing licence. See the list of activities (in French only)

Image de Plan your cabin stay for summer 2016.

Plan your cabin stay for summer 2016

Book your cabin stay for summer 2016 in one of our many total comfort cabins! As well as securing the cabin you want for the dates that suit you best, you will benefit from this year’s prices.

Image de Vacationing on an island paradise.

Vacationing on an island paradise

Anticosti Island is packed with amazing natural treasures – spectacular waterfalls, mysterious caves and thousands of white-tailed deer. In short, it’s the perfect setting for your next family vacation! A unique and affordable getaway that will leave lasting memories for family all ages.

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Québec national parks are officially recognized protected areas. Parcs Québec ensures that the facilities used to enjoy its parks (discovery and service centres, trails, campgrounds, etc.) take into account environmentally sensitive areas or that they minimize their environmental impact. Therefore, discovery activities, hiking, canoeing and camping are the preferred ways to discover and enjoy the parks. And you can explore these exquisite protected areas year-round!  



The mission of Parcs Québec is to protect and promote the natural environments of Quebec's 43 designated nature areas and sites of outstanding natural beauty. Accordingly, Québec's national parks are managed so as to strike a balance between the conservation of their natural and cultural heritage, and public access for education and recreation purposes. For more information

Did you know that...?

  • In winter 2014, Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata set up a camera in a bald headed eagle's nest to monitor the nesting period live. Visit the park's Facebook page to find out more.
  • Access the entire findings of more than 370 surveys carried out through the ecological integrity tracking program (in French only).
  • In an effort to raise awareness among its neighbouring residents, Parc national de la Yamaska introduced its Green Belt project (in French only) to promote the importance of maintaining the vital interconnection of their natural milieus for the park's rich plant and wildlife.
  • The latest national park, Parc national d’Opémican, has great archaeological potential because it was for a long time the only gateway to the area. In fact, Opimica means "Along the Indian road".
  • Visitors to Parc national de Miguasha can now see the newly discovered specimen, Elpistostege watson (in French only), on display in the exhibition entitled Elpistostege: The Origins of a Quest. This fossil, which is still being studied, will give up many of its secrets in the coming years.
  • The some one hundred caribou that make up the current endangered population of caribou in Gaspésie are the subject of major study. Every 2 hours for 3 years, the geographical location of 35 caribous will be recorded.
  • Frontenac, Lac-Témiscouata, Mont-Orford, Mont-Saint-Bruno, Pointe-Taillon and Yamaska national parks all took part in efforts to contribute better knowledge of dragonflies to the Initiative pour un atlas des libellules du Québec.