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Via ferrata: New in the Saguenay Fjord

Starting this summer, Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay will have a new and totally spectacular via ferrata circuit in the Baie-Éternité sector. Adventure into this stunning course on the rocky cliffs of Cap Trinité. A unique hiking experience with a professional guide. Book your date now!

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Via Ferrata: How and Why?

To give more visitors an opportunity to discover its cliffs, Parc national des Grands-Jardins set up a Via Ferrata circuit. A structured study to characterize the site was first carried out to minimize any ecological impacts. Find out more (in French only)

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The Via Ferrata Du Diable is a path that winds its way along the Vache Noire rock face in Parc national du Mont-Tremblant. Video

Your safety:
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Domestic animals


Parcs Québec Brochure Careful by Nature Reservation Terms and Conditions - Guided Activities and Cruises

A Mountain Experience that Promises to be Feast for the Eyes!

The via ferrata is an activity that combines hiking and rock climbing, and doesn’t require any specific experience or skill. The circuits are set up on a rock face equipped with cables, beams, and a variety of bridges and footpaths to facilitate your hike while ensuring your safety.

Whether your level is beginner, intermediate or advanced, you’ll create lasting memories on your via ferrata hike. Accompanied by a professional guide, you’ll discover spectacular scenery and take in breathtaking aerial views.

Why Did the Park Create a Via Ferrata?

Rock faces and cliffs are fascinating natural environments, inaccessible to most of us. Via ferrata circuits are built with this in mind, to make these environments accessible to as many visitors as possible.

It is important to note that an advantage to this type of facility is using just one path to get to the cliff, thus minimizing the risk of impacts on the environment. The construction of a via ferrata is monitored regularly to ensure the conservation of the environment.


Starting at


/pers. (18 and over)


(8 to 17 years old)

Parc de la Chute-Montmorency

Trails and rates


Starting at


/pers. (16 and over)


(12 to 15 years old)

Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay

Trails and rates


Starting at


/pers. (16 and over)


(12 to 15 years old)

Parc national des Grands-Jardins

Trails and rates


Starting at


/pers. (16 and over)


(8 to 15 years old)

Parc national du Mont-Tremblant

Trails and rates


  • 2014 rates
  • Taxes not included
  • National parks entry fee not included
  • Parc de la Chute-Montmorency parking fee not included

Where you can do this activity


When reservations open

  • 2014 summer: from April 8, 2014

How to reserve

  • Online
  • By phone: 1 800 665-6527

For groups of more than 8 people, bookings are only accepted by phone. Call the establishment directly.



All participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum height: 1.3 m (4'3'')
  • Maximum weight: 100 kg (220 lb)
  • Must be in good physical condition
  • Must not suffer from vertigo* or heart problems
  • Must not be pregnant

*Vertigo is an untreatable physiological condition often confused with the more common fear of heights, which can be overcome, especially with the help of an experienced guide.


  • You don't have to be a mountain climber to enjoy this new experience. All of the necessary safety equipment is provided for the hike. Before you set off on the trail, you will take a training trail that will familiarize you with the basics of the via ferrata.
  • Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or have in their possession a release form signed by one of their parents.


The activity includes all the safety equipment (harness, lanyard and helmet). The lanyard includes 2 straps with hooks that can be connected at any time to the safety line (steel cable attached to the rock face all along the route).

  • Sports clothing
  • Supple long pants recommended (jeans are not authorized)
  • Closed-toe shoes with a rigid sole
  • Bottle of water (no water source on the route). We suggest bringing one to two litres of water depending on the route you choose and to carry it in a hydration pack or backpack.
  • Snacks
  • Sun screen
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Camera
  • Sunglasses attached with a cord
  • Gloves (cycling-style fingerless gloves)
  • Long hair should be tied back
  • Wearing jewellery is prohibited

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