Cooking outdoors

In collaboration with Geneviève O’Gleman, nutritionist,

Here you’ll discover Geneviève O'Gleman’s best outdoor eating tips and recipes, for a day hike, a camping holiday, or a lengthier hunting and fishing expedition.

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Hiker’s energy balls

My favourite snack when I go on a hike is without doubt energy balls. They’re simple to transport, easy to eat on the trails, often better for your health, and always more environmentally friendly than overpackaged store-bought bars. I add several to a snack bag or an airtight container and savour them slowly while ambling down the trails. An energy ball snack gives me a little boost before a challenging climb!

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Breakfast crisp

Another chilly early morning? Wrap yourself in your eiderdown and prepare this comforting crisp for your family. It has become a go-to when I head off camping. I’m sure it’ll become a favourite of yours as well!

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Hiker's crepe

Thanks to a recipe prepared in advance, you will make many happy in the morning!

Check out the full recipe (in French only)

Anti-leftover meal dip

I love anti-waste recipes. (Or rather, I hate to waste!) Camping is no exception. Over time, I’ve come up with all kinds of recipes to make use of those leftovers taking up real estate in the fridge’s cooler compartment. Because after a few days of planned meals, there are always leftover cooked vegetables and meat. This meal dip is one such recipe, perfect for making use of everything you have left!

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Gourmet grilled cheese sandwich to share

I bet this recipe will soon become one of your favourite lunches while camping. And by varying the cheeses and condiments, you’re sure to want to make it very often!

Check out the full recipe (in French only)

Chocolate fondue in a cone

The new number-one camping dessert (sorry, s'mores, you've just been dethroned)!

Check out the full recipe (in French only)

About Geneviève O’Gleman

The nutritionist behind the online magazine savourer

A passionate foodie as well as an outdoor and travel enthusiast, Geneviève seizes every opportunity to explore the world through food, both here in Quebec and elsewhere in the world. Through her recipes, encounters, and discoveries, she wants to help Quebecers switch to a healthier, local, and sustainable diet, adapted to the reality of their daily lives. Geneviève has been sharing her passion for healthy food in different media for almost 20 years. She has written nine successful health-conscious cookbooks. In recent years, she has been at the helm of the popular show Cuisine futée, parents pressés (Télé-Québec), as a designer, co-producer, and co-host. You can read an article by her every Saturday in Le Journal de Montréal and Le Journal de Québec

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