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Forest fires: certain territories closed until further notice | Details

Reminder: Open fires banned throughout the province

Discovery Activities

Let Us Guide You...

Participate in the park’s discovery activities. Let a park warden share his or her passion for the territory and the nature it protects.

Did you know that forest fires have a beneficial effect on the forest? Would you know how to cohabitate with a black bear? Who was Thomas-Fortin? Forest dwellers and inhabited forests are full of curiosities, the unseen and the untold, stories, and even gossip! The secrets of this boreal forest and its young and already exciting history are revealed to the rhythm of escapades and encounters. On water or on land, on a mountaintop or in the heart of the mythical taiga, let yourself be transported into the infinitely small, the infinitely large, the invisible, the indescribable.

See the complete list of the park’s discovery activities.


You like to learn on your own? No problem! Discover Parc national des Grands-Jardins by letting yourself soak up the spirit of the place.

Ask for the Les dessous du décor (the underside of the landscape) brochure while cruising on Lac Arthabaska by canoe or kayak. This free brochure will help you discover the underside of the underwater world.

Did you know?

Did You Know that Parc national des Grands-Jardins Features a Northern Ecosystem called Taiga?

A hike into the taiga of Grand-Jardins is like a trip 500 kilometres further north. It’s a total change of scenery! The migrating birds would say…it’s hard to tell the difference!

This activity takes place on a trail in a conservation area that is only accessible with a guide. Photo credit: Louis Laliberté

Taiga is one of the outstanding characteristics that led to the creational of Parc national des Grands-Jardins. Taiga is the soul of the park. One’s gaze gets lost in it and thoughts escape into silence.

Dry river beds that cross the park, its fields of hills and small craters, and of course its unusual vegetation betray its origins. This hike will transport you into a unique atmosphere and will remain etched in your memory and your heart!

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