June 19, 2017

Limited access to certain locations in the park

The recent flooding has seriously damaged a number of multifunctional and hiking trails, including the Zizanie-des-Marais trail. On the Zizanie-des-Marais trail, a small footbridge...

June 9, 2017

Temporary closure of the panoramic stairs

The Parc de la Chute-Montmorency is proud to partner with the Foundation of the CHU in the Kilimanjaro in Quebec. This is a unique charity event during which participants put their...

June 7, 2017

Access closed via Route 2 (Mont-Saint-Pierre)

Please note that Route 2 from Mont-Saint-Pierre to the Mont-Jacques-Cartier sector of Parc national de la Gaspésie is closed for an undefinied period. To reac...

June 2, 2017

Closure of the bike path

Please note that the bike path will be closed for repairs from June 5 to July 29, 2017. The path will be refurbished to make it safer. A planted median will also be added to separa...

May 19, 2017

Limited access today

Last night’s heavy rains have swollen Rivière Jacques-Cartier to a very high level. The park is officially inaccessible for today, May 19,  with the exception of ...

May 19, 2017

Temporary closing of day fishing

Day fishing will be closed on May 20, 21,  and 22 due to access road thaw, as well as to cold and very high waters. Thank you for your understanding. Please note that this doe...

May 17, 2017

Partial reopening of the park

Good news! The beach area is now accessible to visitors. The campsite will open its doors as planned, on May 19. Please also note that the programming of the discovery activities w...

May 17, 2017

Find out more on trail conditions

The hiking trails are marked by a muddy and snowy surface in some areas. Floods in recent days have caused damage in certain places. We would urge you to be very careful during you...

May 16, 2017

Reopening of the park after the floods

Please note that Parc national de Plaisance and its campground will be open as of Friday, May 19, 2017. The La Rive sector and certain campsites in the La Baie sector remain closed...

February 24, 2017

The Fantôme Express shuttle: service cancelled from February 24 to February 26, 2017

Due to the prevailing weather conditions, the shuttle service providing access to Vallée des Fantômes, Contrée des Momies (Pic-de-la-Hutte sector) and to all mo...

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