Arbraska Duchesnay

Arbraska Duchesnay is an aerial adventure circuit offering a breathtaking view of Lac Saint-Joseph! Located a mere 30 minutes from Québec City, this array of circuits – including a special circuit for youngsters 7 to 11, a 1,000 foot zipline, and an extreme loop for those more daring – will delight young and old alike. Come for an unforgettable aerial experience swinging through the tree tops in tune with nature!

Station touristique Duchesnay Station touristique Duchesnay
Station touristique Duchesnay © Sépaq

Circuits for adults and teenagers

Circuits for adults and teenagers are reserved for those 12 and over, more than 1.80 metres tall with arms raised. The circuits must be explored in the following order: green, blue, red, black, and orange.

  • Green circuit: Beaver
    • Slowly get comfortable with the aerial hebertism experience on the green circuit, where you’ll feel at ease in the treetops and learn the ins and outs of the activity.
  • Blue circuit: Squirrel
    • Up the level of difficulty and emotion and let yourself be transported by the Tarzan rope from tree to tree throughout your forest adventure.
  • Red circuit: Fox
    • On the red circuit, you'll go from one zipline to the next and be rewarded with a magnificent view of Lac Saint-Joseph.
  • Black circuit: Cougar
    • The black circuit offers thrill seekers the possibility of continuing the circuit in the extreme loop, a bold challenge offering a powerful emotional fix. Being in good shape is a must!
  • Orange circuit: Falcon
    • Reward yourself for your efforts by crossing the forest on Arbraska Duchesnay’s 1,000 foot mega zipline. A rush of adrenaline guaranteed!

Map of circuits (in French only)


All youngsters under 16 must be in the charge of an adult. Each adult can supervise up to three youngsters.

$3795 /adult

$31/child (12 to 17)

Taxes not included.



Circuits for children

The Young Wolf circuit is reserved for children from 7 to 11, more than 1.40 metres tall with arms raised. Adults can accompany children on this circuit. Perfect for family outings!


All youngsters from 7 to 11 must be in the charge of an adult. Each adult can supervise up to three youngsters.

$1750 /child (7 to 11 years old)

Taxes not included.


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