Parc national d'Anticosti


Parc national d'Anticosti is in the heart of Anticosti Island. It's a huge 7,943-km2 territory at the entrance to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in the Côte-Nord tourism region.

As the crow flies, the island's northernmost tip is 35 km from Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, whereas 72 km separates the southwestern tip from the Gaspé Peninsula, i.e., the end of the Forillon Peninsula.

The island is 222 km long and 54 km wide. It's an immense wilderness that is crossed from west to east by Route Henri-Menier, dubbed the "Transanticostienne"-a dirt road with side roads branching off. A fairly long distance may separate your accommodations from the point of interest you wish to visit within or outside the park.

Area: 572 km2

TABLE OF DISTANCES (and approximate time in minutes)

Jupiter-24 94
(1.3 h)
Chicotte-la-Mer 65
(1 h)
(2.5 h)
McDonald 81
(1.3 h)
(45 min)
(1.5 h)
(10 min)
(1.5 h)
(55 min)
(1.6 h)
(15 min)
(25 min)
(1.75 h)
(1.25 h)
(1.75 h)
Vauréal 24
(20 min)
(35 min)
(45 min)
(2 h)
(1.5 h)
(2.25 h)
Baie de la Tour 37
(35 min)
(45 min)
(1 h)
(1.25 h)
(2.5 h)
(1.75 h)
(2.75 h)

Exemple: The distance between Port-Menier and Pointe Carleton is 117 km.

Note : In the calculation of distances, there is a margin of error of approximately 2km/50km.


Access and Operating Period

The season begins on June 20 and ends on August 30. After this date, activities and accommodation services are limited.

Port-Menier Reception Office: reception and information, Boutique Nature, grocery/meat market, SAQ (liquor store), gas station, banking services (no automatic teller), restaurants, clinic, souvenir shop, convenience store, and economuseum

McDonald Visitors Centre (north shore): reception and information, Boutique Nature, equipment rental, gas station

Chicotte-la-Mer (south shore): gas station

Universal Access

Auberge McDonald offer access to the mobility-impaired.


Restaurant and food Services

  • The island's only grocery is in Port-Menier.
  • The dining room in the McDonald inn is open to all park visitors, regardless of their type or place of accommodation (reservation required).

Radio Communication

All Sépaq-leased vehicles come with a radio communication system. You may use it to make reservations for one of the outdoor activities or for a good meal at the McDonald inn.

McDonald Vistors Centre

  • Rental of safety helmets and headlamp for cave exploration

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Parc national d'Anticosti
C.P. Box 179
Port-Menier, Anticosti (Québec)  G0G 2Y0

Fax : 418 535-0289


Telephone : 1 800 463-0863 (Canada and USA)

Telephone : 418 890-0863 (outside North America)

Sépaq Sales and Reservations Office
Place de la Cité, Tour Cominar 2640 Boulevard Laurier, suite 1300, 13th floor
Québec (Québec)  G1V 5C2

Fax : 418 682-9944


Telephone : 418 535-0156 (Anticosti)

Tourist accommodation
Cabins and Auberge McDonald: registration number 850440
Auberge Port-Menier: registration number 010264



Regulations are in effect in Québec national parks. Before going to a national park, check the main rules and recommendations to better plan your visit. Details (in French only)

Domestic animals

Dogs and other domestic animals are not allowed in the Anticosti and Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé national parks, with the exception of guide dogs and service dogs.

Companion Leisure Card (CAL)

Companion Leisure Card (CAL) holders may be accompanied free of charge by one person during a visit in a Québec national park. Find out more


A private individual or production company must obtain prior authorization to carry out a video shoot or photo session on Sépaq-managed territories. Find out more

Parking at airports

Customers can park their cars in the areas provided for this purpose, for a fee that is not refunded by Sépaq.

Air Inuit

  • Montreal airport (Air Inuit Terminal): free of charge
  • Québec City airport (Trans-Sol Terminal): $13 per day
  • Mont-Joli airport: $6 per day

Passenger information

The air transport included in the various packages offered on this site is provided exclusively by air carriers duly licenced by the Canadian Transportation Agency and having a Transport Canada Operations Certificate.

Sépaq acts as a "reseller" in accordance with Decision No. 100-A-2016 dated March 29, 2016, which granted this new status to transportation intermediaries.

The general conditions of carriage that apply are the conditions of these same carriers as they appear in their official tariffs, which can be consulted upon request at the point of departure or the point of return of air transport. The air carriers used by Sépaq are Strait Air (2000) Ltd., Air Inuit, and Chrono Aviation.


Air transport - Passenger List List of activities offered (in French only) Careful by nature

Map Library

(in French only)

General map of the park

Trail maps

Maps of the lakes

(in French only)

According to the available data, the lakes maps may present various information such as bathymetry or sites favorable to fishing.

Lac de la Baie de la Tour

Lac au Huard

Lac Long

Lac Orignal

Petit lac Long

Lac de la Tête

Lac du Rat Musqué

Lac Wickenden

Complementary tool: Avenza Maps

The mobile app allows you to geotag your location on our territory maps.

To read one of our maps using Avenza Maps, download the maps from the Avenza Maps mapstore. For quick access to the general maps of this territory, consult our methodology.

Several other maps of Sépaq (including lake maps) are accessible via the mapstore of Avenza Maps. You can access the maps directly in the application or via their website.

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