Discovery Activities

Let Us Guide You...

Participate in the park’s discovery activities. Let a park warden share his or her passion for the territory and the nature it protects.

Treat yourself to a visit to the Observatory or l'ASTROLab, nd check out the high definition film Cosmic Rhythms. Enjoy the memorable starry sky of Mont Mégantic while participating in our astronomy evenings.  The Popular Astronomy Festival and the Perseids meteor showers are also great occasions for a visit.

And don’t forget our Earth activities: The Place of the Curious, The Fabulous History of Mont Saint-Joseph, the night hike, and the movie, Inhabiting Nature!

See the complete list of the park’s discovery activities (in French only).

... or Go at Your Own Pace

Are you more independent? No problem!  Explore Parc national du Mont-Mégantic on your own and soak up the spirit of the area.

On the summits of Mont Mégantic and Mont Saint-Joseph, landscape-reading panels help you explore and understand the vast panoramas you’ll see around you. You’ll also discover the history of the observatory and the sanctuary.

The Terre aux étoiles trail offers a unique hike through the history of the universe and of life. To the rhythm of your footsteps, you’ll measure the temporal proportions of the cosmos, life, and humanity!

Did you know?

The Franceville sector

In 2011, Parc national du Mont-Mégantic opened a new area: the Franceville sector. Since then, visitors have had access to the magnificent Ruisseau-de-la-Montagne and its waterfalls, ridges and breathtaking views. There is also a beautiful campground, set in a maple-yellow birch stand near the mountain stream.

New discovery activities have also been created for this area. Campers can now attend an early-evening talk at the reception pavilion. Comfortably seated, they can hear all about the history of the region and the mountain. This very interactive talk also gives visitors a chance to share their discoveries and ask an enthusiastic park warden-naturalist their questions. The pictures and videos that accompany this activity reveal even more of the park’s atmosphere.

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