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10 reasons to introduce your better half to hunting

We believe that going hunting with your beloved is the height of romance! You're not convinced? Well, we’ve got a surprise for you! Discover how hunting as a couple can be ever so romantic!

This year, the day of love will also be an opportunity to grab the last stays available for big game hunting for the 2019 season. A nice gift to make to your favorite hunter, starting February 14!

Réserve faunique de Rimouski Réserve faunique de Rimouski
Réserve faunique de Rimouski Steve Deschênes | © Sépaq

Share intense emotions

From laughter to tears, from fear to contemplation, from hope to discouragement. To hunt is to navigate an ever-changing range of extreme, contradictory emotions. Who better than our dearly beloved to accompany us on this emotional roller coaster ride? 

Disconnect from everyday life

Okay. We get it. A hunting trip is probably not the first idea that comes to mind when you think about your next romantic outing. Yet this activity offers everything you need to break the daily routine and get out of your comfort zone.

Practice nonverbal communication

All happy couples will tell you that good communication is a major key to a successful relationship. However, when hunting, silence is often the order of the day. Alternative communication methods must therefore be developed and mastered. Like happy couples who have shared years of bliss, the best hunting partners are often those who manage to understand each other without saying a word.

Réserve faunique de Matane
Réserve faunique de Matane Beside | © Sépaq
Réserve faunique de Matane
Réserve faunique de Matane Beside | © Sépaq

Stock up on organic meat

Your next fondue dinner will knock the socks off your guests! Not only will the meal be delicious, natural, and organic, but the hunting story that you’ll so enthusiastically tell is sure to captivate your guests.

Collect anecdotes to treasure and share

All right. Sure. A restaurant dinner can be pleasant. A day at the spa too. But a day of hunting game is beyond compare! From preparation to the adventure itself, every moment is unpredictable and surprising shifts are in store. You’ll savour these precious memories for a long time to come.

Snuggle up to a wood stove at the end of your day

Enjoying the comforting warmth of a wood stove as a couple is perfect for rekindling that romantic flame. And you’ll get extra hugs if you roll out a bear skin rug!

Discover your partner’s true nature

There’s no room for anything superficial during the hunt. What a wonderful opportunity to discover your partner’s true nature. Simplicity, authenticity, and spontaneity are the watchwords of a successful hunt.

Sépaq Anticosti
Sépaq Anticosti Steve Deschênes | © Sépaq
Réserve faunique de Matane
Réserve faunique de Matane Beside | © Sépaq

Practice letting go

You never know what a hunting trip will bring. Try as you might to control as many parameters as possible, your power is very small compared to the forces of nature. The key to a satisfying experience is letting go. And isn’t it also a great faculty to develop when it comes to accepting your true love’s little flaws?

Develop new interests

Being introduced to hunting is sometimes like opening Pandora's box.  Even the mildly curious will develop a bunch of hunting-related interests, including biology, botany, archery, orientation, map and compass reading, hiking, marksmanship, clay pigeon shooting, and many more besides. An infinite array of new pleasures for every couple to share!

Keep things simple

Thanks to the initiation licence for apprentice hunters, introducing someone to the pleasures of hunting is easier than you think! This special licence is intended for all residents of Québec who are at least 12 years old and have never held a hunter's certificate. The lucky initiate can then purchase, for a single year in his or her life, all hunting licences at the regular rate. And there’s no course to be taken. The deal comes with no strings attached!

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