Random draws - Sépaq

Random Draws

Hunting Registration Brochure* State**
Regulated Moose Hunting in Wildlife Reserves Closed
White-tailed Deer Hunting in Wildlife Reserves Closed
White-tailed Deer Hunting at Sépaq Anticosti Closed
Antlerless Deer Special Licences Closed
1st Killing Antlerless Deer Hunting Licences Closed
Adult Female Moose Licences Closed

Day Fishing Registration Brochure* State**
Day Fishing at lac au Sorcier


Trapping Registration Brochure* State**
Traplines for Furbearers Closed

Private Vacation Lots Registration Brochure* State**
Private Vacation Lots on Public Lands Closed

* The brochures for each random draw remain available for consultation and reference at the end of each registration period, and until the time of the publication of a new brochure for the same draw. The content of these brochures is subject to change with each release.

** Key
Red square: the registrations are closed for this random draw
Green circle: the registrations are open for this random draw