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Réserve faunique de Port‑Daniel

Current rates

Do you want a rough idea of the rates? These tables will help you plan your stay. To find out the exact rate for the accommodations you want, simulate a reservation and check out the package deals. Please note: all of the rates may change without advance notice and they may vary by date and by composition of your group. Taxes are extra.

Equipment rental (Summer and fall 2019)
Electric motor

25.00$/4 hours

/ day
Ready-to-camp (Summer and fall 2020)
Ready-to-camp Traditional - 4 people $94.00
/ night (starting)
Ready-to-camp Étoile - 6 people $109.00
/ night (starting)
Ready-to-camp (Summer and fall 2019)
Ready-to-camp Traditional - 4 people $92.00
/ night (starting)
Ready-to-camp Étoile- 6 people $104.00
/ night (starting)
Day fishing (summer 2019)
1 person

Watercraft and one right of access

/ day
2 people

Watercraft and two daily rights of access

/ day
3 people

Watercraft and three daily rights of access

/ day
Daily right of access

Except for salmon

/ person
Daily right of access

For salmon (rate for resident)
Rate for non-resident: $84.45/person

/ person
Small game day hunting (autumn 2019)
Daily right of access $19.04
/ hunter


Detailed rates for campsites

Packages for the establishment


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