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Vermillon (rivière)

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Modification of the offer
Please note that the personal boat fishing package will no longer be offered in the Charron and Nicabau sectors as of the 2025 season. Thus, it will no longer be possible to use your personal watercraft on the lakes of these sectors. Also, the number of lakes in the Chigoubiche sector where you can use a personal towed watercraft will be reduced in 2025. For details, please see the 2025 fishing plan. Through the deployment of these measures, Sépaq continues its involvement in the fight against aquatic invasive species and further protects the bodies of water it manages by reducing the risk of spread.

Day fishing - Sépaq Boat

  • May 24 to September 2, 2024

À partir de $63.75/day

Day fishing - personal boat

  • May 24 to September 2, 2024

À partir de $21.36/day

Wade fishing

  • May 24 to September 2, 2024

À partir de $21.36/day

Message important

Do not forget your fishing permit, your flotation device, boating safety kit and your right of access for fishing. Access : Route 167, at km 68 (secteur La Loutre), follow lac Eros directions for 12 km up to the electrical line. Then, turn right on path to the bridge for 200 meters. Launching of boat without trailer only.


  • Nearest registration centre : Sud
  • Distance from the registration centre : 48 km
  • Accessible by car
  • No walking required
  • All-terrain vehicle (ATV) not allowed

Boats and motors

  • Sepaq boat
  • Personal boat
  • Wade fishing
  • The use of a trailer to launch your boat is prohibited.
  • No motor required
  • Electric motor allowed
  • Propane motor allowed
  • Gas motor allowed
  • Maximum allowed: 9,9 hp

Fish species

  • Brook trout
  • Brook trout catch and possession limits : 20



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