COVID-19 : New preventive measures in certain alert levels, visitor's guide, and limited activities and services

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Preventive measures against COVID‑19

Everything you need to know

New measures in certain alert levels | Visitor's guide | Sépaq's commitment | Limited activities and services

Access to Sépaq's territories, accommodations and activities is authorized in line with public health recommendations. Health and safety measures have been implemented at our establishments. The collaboration and sense of responsibility of visitors are paramount.

Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier
Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier Steve Deschênes | © Sépaq

New public health measures

Additional health regulations issued by public health authorities have been implemented in regions targeted by the "red" and "orange" designations. However, it is the visitor's responsibility to ensure that a stay complies with the public health regulations in effect in his or her region of origin.

Except for the Aquarium du Québec, which will close from October 1 to 28, 2020, Sépaq's establishments will remain open in accordance with the new regulations in place.

Regions designated as “red”

  • Rental accommodation unit: limit of one family unit or one group of persons residing at the same address.
  • Use of camping equipment (tent, trailer, RV): limit of one family unit or one group of persons residing at the same address (recommendation).
  • Interregional travel not recommended
  • Wearing of a mask is mandatory in all places where it is required.
  • Indoor and outdoor gatherings prohibited (except for a family unit).
  • Dining hall of a food service area: closed.
  • Boutique and convenience store: one person per household recommended.

These new regulations are applicable in the following establishments:

Regions designated as “orange”

  • Rental of accommodation units: a limit of six people or two families.
  • Interregional travel not recommended.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory in all spaces where it is required.
  • Maximum limit of 25 people inside and outside rented halls (BBQ or picnic).
  • Dining room of a food services area: maximum of six people per table.
  • Shop and convenience store: one person per household is recommended.

These new regulations are applicable in the following establishments:

For more information on the new measures now in place, please refer to our frequently asked questions.

The visitor's golden rules

Step 1
At home


Use the virtual ticketing system

Entry fee for a national park and Annual card

IMPORTANT! Only those who purchased their daily access rights in advance online or who hold an annual card can access the park. Please note, however, that access to a sector, a trail or an activity could unfortunately be refused if a parking lot is full, or if the maximum capacity established in order to respect social distancing is reached. Arrive early!

Access fee for small game day hunting
Entry ticket for Aquarium du Québec (closed from October 1 to 28, 2020)

Plan all your stays

Online booking
Customer Relations Centre

Consult our digital tools

Free geolocalized maps (trail maps, lake maps, general maps, etc.)   
List of limited services and activities offered
Website of your destination

Step 2
What to bring

Use your own equipment

  • Equipment rentals may be available, but Sépaq recommends that you bring your personal equipment if you have it:
    • personal flotation device (PFD) for boating activities (no PFD rental for fishing),
    • bike and bike helmet,
    • watercraft and paddle.
  • Please note that the lending of equipment and accessories intended for families will be withdrawn until further notice: stroller, child trailer for bicycle, child carrier bag, high chair, etc.

Bring what you need

  • Bring :
    • hand disinfectant, mask or face cover,
    • tablecloth (stay or picnic),
    • disinfection supplies (such as wipes) for watercraft, campground services (such as water, electricity and sewage intakes),
    • etc.
  • Access to buildings, shops, and restaurants may be limited, so don't forget to bring your water, snacks, lunch, etc.
  • Plan to pay by card if additional purchases are to be made on site.

Step 3
On the big day

Protect your health and the health of others

Keep abreast of what's open and what's closed

  • The range of activities and services on offer is changing rapidly and differs from one establishment to another. Check the website of your destination before you leave.

Avoid rush hour

  • Arrive early.
  • Explore less travelled trails and attractions.

Step 4
On site

Observe physical distance measures

  • Keep two metres away from each other at all times.
  • Respect public health regulations regarding gatherings.
  • Avoid common areas and buildings unless absolutely necessary.
  • Day fishing: For people who do not live at the same address, a maximum of two people per rowboat is allowed. Persons residing at the same address may be more numerous, depending on the capacity of the boat (up to 4 people, including 3 adults, for a Sépaq rowboat).

Observe the exceptional measures in effect

  • Check the maximum number of people allowed in the different locations.
  • On trails:
    • Circulate according to the indications.
    • Make sure to maintain physical distancing at lookouts and on trails.
    • If there’s two-way traffic, priority should be given to those heading outward (those returning should move aside).
    • Be careful when moving aside by choosing a safe spot with low impact on vegetation.
    • Wait for the right moment to overtake (no approaching within two metres).
  • Respect trail, service, or sector closures.
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask in indoor public places. This measure applies in the following places:
    • National parks: discovery and visitors centres, shops, washrooms, rental centres, community halls, ASTROLab, etc.
    • Wildlife reserves: registration centres, shops, evisceration cabins, common areas of lodges, hotels, and inns, community halls, etc.
    • Tourist establishments: restaurants (except at one’s table), hotel corridors and common areas, shops, indoor pools, common washrooms, reception rooms (except at one’s table), rental centres, exhibition pavilions.
    • Note: Accommodation units such as cabins, ready-to-camp units, yurts, rustic shelters, hotel rooms, and campsites are not considered public places.
  • Note that wearing a mask is mandatory aboard shuttles (where the service is offered) and in certain via ferrata circuits.

Be courteous

  • Wash your hands often and before entering buildings.
  • Cough into your elbow.
  • Remain respectful with employees and other visitors.

Sépaq's commitment

The health and safety of staff and clients remains Sépaq's priority. We have implemented a number of measures in line with public health recommendations. We continue to adjust to the situation in order to contribute as much as possible to the collective effort to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The great outdoors isn’t far from your home

Sépaq will remain vigilant and will adapt its offering to changing circumstances and the instructions issued by the authorities. At present, only activities and services entailing a very low risk of transmission will be offered.

Limited activities and services

Click on the map for a list of activities and services offered for each destination. IMPORTANT: The offering may vary from one establishment to another according to customer influx. In order to respect health measures and directives and ensure visitor and employee safety, Sepaq reserves the right to limit, impose a quota on, and/or restrict access to services, activities, sites (including trails), and even entire territories.

You have questions?

The special situation caused by COVID-19 generates a lot of questions from customers, especially if you have a stay coming up. Our team has put together a list of the most frequently asked questions. If your answer is there, you'll save a lot of time by booking online.

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