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Lac-Écho C2

Ready-to-Camp - Traditional ready-to-camp

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Traditional ready-to-camp

  • May 17 to September 1, 2024

Starting at $107.00/night


  • Pit toilets nearby
  • Non-drinking water near the site
  • To bring: warm bedding, pillowcase, food, cooler


  • Nearest registration centre : Accueil Écho : 0,1 km Accueil Val-des-Bois : 17 km
  • Accessible by car


Included Equipment

  • Kitchen equipement provided
  • Lighting
  • Camp stove under an awning outside
  • Small refrigerator (4 cubic foot)
  • Space heating
  • Four garden chairs and a picnic table

Eligible Equipment

  • This site cannot accept second equipement

Maximum capacity

  • 6 people (maximum 4 adults)

What to pack in your bags

  • In the ready-to-camp units, bedding is not provided. You'll have to bring sheets or a sleeping bag, fitted sheet, pillowcases, towels, and dish towels. When the exterior temperature is exceptionally low, the space heating in ready-to-camp units does not sufficiently keep an ambient temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. You must then bring a warm sleeping bag and appropriate blankets. You can consult this memory aid that will be useful when you assemble your baggage.

Tourist accommodation

  • Registration number : 205225
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For families of more than 6 people, call us at 1-800-665-6527 to book your site.