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Lac-Chigoubiche 6

Camping - Semi-serviced campsite

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Modification of the offer
Please note that the personal boat fishing package will no longer be offered in the Charron and Nicabau sectors as of the 2025 season. As well, the number of lakes in the Chigoubiche sector where you can use a personal towed watercraft will be reduced in 2025. For details, please see the 2025 fishing plan. These decisions aims to reduce the risk of spreading aquatic invasive species in our bodies of water.

Semi-serviced campsite

  • June 9 to October 13, 2024
  • June 8 to October 19, 2025

Starting at $31.75/night


  • Washroom facilities in the sector
  • Non-drinking water near the site


  • Accessible by car

Waterway attribution method

  • Waterway attribution by random draw : The bodies of water are not accessible by motorhome. Provide an SUV or Truck for access to these.
  • The fishing offer may vary depending on the time of year. For more details, please refer to the fishing plan of the establishment:


Eligible Equipment

  • Small, medium and large tent
  • Camping van
  • Tent trailer under 4.5 meters (15 feet)
  • Trailer under 4.5 meters (15 feet)
  • Cannot accept a kitchen shelter
  • This site cannot accept second equipement


  • Lot length: 39,6 meters (130 feet)
  • Lot width: 7,3 meters (24 feet)

Maximum capacity

  • 6 people (adults and children)

What to pack in your bags

  • You can consult this memory aid that will be useful when you assemble your baggage.

Equipment Select


  • Tente
  • Tente-roulotte
  • Roulotte
  • Véhicule récréatif

People Select


For families of more than 6 people, call us at 1-800-665-6527 to book your site.