The secrets of fishing for lake trout

Anglers love it for its combativeness, its often-impressive size and the divine taste of its tender flesh. Although it is less popular than the speckled trout, the lake trout remains a highly desirable species for fishing enthusiasts. As proof, nearly 7,000 lake trout are caught annually in Sépaq waterways.

If you want to take up the lake trout challenge during your next fishing trip, here are some tips that are sure to help.

Réserve faunique du Saint-Maurice Réserve faunique du Saint-Maurice
Réserve faunique du Saint-Maurice Émile David | © Sépaq

Beautiful catches in these destinations

More than a dozen Sépaq fishing destinations offer the opportunity to fish for lake trout. To help you choose a lake that will work for you, here’s a quick list of key sectors where fine specimens abound.

Réserve faunique des Laurentides

Magnificent Lac Jacques-Cartier located in L’Étape sector of Réserve faunique des Laurentides offers you the opportunity to do some lake trout fishing, simply and with your personal boat. In addition to being easily accessible (paved road and sector located 45 minutes from Québec City), this waterway is brimming with superb native lake trout weighing on average two pounds. It’s also not uncommon to land specimens weighing over 5 pounds. Impressive, eh?

Also located near Québec City, legendary Lac-des-Neiges sector is another little corner of paradise for trout fishers. More accessible than ever before, this jewel of Réserve faunique des Laurentides will offer you the angling experience of a lifetime, along with a stay in a magnificent historic lodge.

Réserve faunique de Papineau-Labelle

Located not far from Montréal, the Du Sourd and Montjoie sectors of Réserve faunique de Papineau-Labelle are also excellent choices for lake trout fishing initiates. In addition to providing humungous fish each and every year, the Montjoie sector in particular offers anglers everything they need to hook the finest trophy fish, including bathymetric charts annotated with the best fishing spots, lead core fishing rods, and much more besides.

Réserve faunique des Chic-Chocs

Why not meet up a bit further afield in eastern Quebec, especially in the Sainte-Anne sector of Réserve faunique des Chic-Chocs? A well-kept secret, this location offers you the opportunity to fish in a mountainous environment of stunning beauty. While harvesting some splendid lake trout, your inner nature lover will also be overjoyed to observe the scenery! The mountains surrounding the waterways form a monumental backdrop for hiking and wildlife watching in a wonderous setting where the largest specimens, moose and caribou, share the spotlight.

Réserve faunique La Vérendrye

Renowned for walleye fishing, Réserve faunique La Vérendrye also offers great opportunities for outwitting those wily lake trout. All sorts of splendid locations come to mind, including Le Domaine sector which also proves very cost effective for anglers with their own boat. The perfect scenario to combine walleye and lake trout fishing during the same trip!

Réserve faunique du Saint-Maurice

Welcome to Réserve faunique du Saint-Maurice, an angler’s paradise in the Mauricie region! Lake trout fishers are advised to opt for the brand-new Baude cabin located at the edge of the lake with the same name. The fish are abundant and easy to catch throughout the fishing season.

Réserve faunique Ashuapmushuan

Located near Saint-Félicien in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, Réserve faunique Ashuapmushuan is sure to please lake trout lovers! This superb wilderness fishing destination will delight you with its high fishing success rate and native lake trout that can be snagged right in front of Dufferin cabin. Are you ready to get your hands on a really nice trophy?

Réserve faunique des Laurentides
Réserve faunique des Laurentides Émile David | © Sépaq
Réserve faunique de Papineau-Labelle
Réserve faunique de Papineau-Labelle © Sépaq

Some must-haves for your fishing box

Even if you’re a seasoned lake trout fisher, it's always a good idea to remember the few things you need to keep on hand to increase your chances for a good catch.

  • Opt for large-sized minnows; streamers; and Sutton, Cyclops or Daredevle spoons, preferably of the copper or silver variety.
  • Use a sinking line during the warmest months (sinking silk fly line, lead core line or Monel line).
  • Note that the most effective techniques will vary from lake to lake, from week to week, and from one wildlife reserve to another. That's why you should never hesitate to ask the help of our on-site experts who’ll be delighted to provide you with all sorts of suitable tips.

Tools for anglers

Do you know about Avenza PDF Maps? This application allows you to geolocate your position from our various maps of a given territory. Even if the Avenza app does not entirely replace a sonar, it still lets you know where you are currently located on the waterway, how deep you’ve been fishing, and where you’ve been. A considerable asset for lake trout fishers! Download this application on your cell phone without delay to take advantage of everything it has to offer. 

Subsequently, you will access the maps of Sépaq via the Map Store of the application. Also, take a look at the posters on the territory to easily download some of our maps depending on where you are.

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