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What to do in case of a heat wave?

Suggestions for activities on those hot summer days

Forget those small battery fans. Don’t run off to shopping malls for the air conditioning. Don’t stop at those fast food chains that claim to offer the best frozen drink to beat the heat.

On hot summer days, don’t deprive yourself. Make sure to get out and play! Sépaq destinations offer plenty of opportunities to combat a heatwave while having a whole lot of fun. Here are a few of our 100% chillout suggestions.

Jonathan Robert | © Sépaq

Head for the beach!

The number-one remedy for fighting heat is jumping into the water! At Sépaq, you have a choice of six lifeguard-supervised beaches along the most beautiful lakes in all of Québec. Frontenac, Oka, Mont-Orford, and Yamaska national parks are known for their magnificent beaches in an enchanting natural setting. Centre touristique du Lac-Simon, and Station touristique Duchesnay offer splendid expanses of sand where activities of all kinds are the order of the day.

After swimming, you can take advantages of our places to picnic and make sandcastles, before returning to bathe again and again.

Water games that are a guaranteed barrel of laughs

No matter how old we are, water games exert a very powerful attraction, especially during hot weather! If you’re looking for water jets to cool you off and interactive water cannons and other aquatic structures, head for Îles-de-BouchervillePlaisance or Yamaska national parks, or Aquarium du Québec. Because we know that you’ll want to combine your little water-game outing with other activities at these destinations, changing rooms are available near the water game facilities so you can slip on your swimsuit at the drop of a hat. 

Parc national d'Oka
Parc national d'Oka Sébastien Larose | © Sépaq
Aquarium du Québec
Aquarium du Québec Jonathan Robert | © Sépaq

A pleasure party… Aquazilla style!

Youngsters always need to let loose, regardless of the heat. Is it possible to indulge in physical activity and still cool off? Yes indeed! Where? At the Aquazilla inflatable water course located near the Parc national d’Oka beach. Lifeguards are on hand at this inflatable module to ensure participants’ safety. This is an activity that will delight the entire family!

Wading and/or swimming in our lifeguard-supervised pools

You don’t have a neighbour or a favourite uncle with a pool to help you survive that seemingly eternal heat wave? Don’t panic! In addition to enjoying sunny down time on comfortable deck chairs, you can spend many hours playing in the water at the lifeguard- supervised pools of Camping des Voltigeurs, Gîte du Mont-Albert, or Parc national de Plaisance. If the sun is getting under your skin or if your bottle of sunscreen is empty, you’ll be happy to learn that Station touristique Duchesnay offers an indoor swimming pool for its overnight guests. Now that’s what we call a beautiful plan B!

Parc national d'Oka
Parc national d'Oka Stéphane Audet | © Sépaq
Parc national d'Oka
Parc national d'Oka Stéphane Audet | © Sépaq

A refreshing outing on the water

Have you heard of stand-up paddleboarding? Combining surfing and kayaking, this activity helps you discover our waterways in a whole new way. Standing tall with a paddle in hand, you can test your balance. What makes this activity so great, especially on hot days? Equipped with your own personal lifejacket, you may well fall into the water a few times without a care in the world. What a nice advantage to be able to cool off when you’re a beginner – or even an experienced paddleboarder!

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