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Random Draws

tas_te_open.png Random Draw for Private Vacation Lots

To register for Random Draw Online:

  • You must fill out an official entry form and pay a $31.04 non-refundable entry fee (GST and QST included).
  • You must be 18 or older on October 3, 2018.
  • On the home page, select the draw you would like to register for.
  • On the e-form, check off the registration code(s) you choose. Only one participation is accepted per registration code. When you have made all of your choices, click on Submit to complete your registration and make your payment.
  • Once your payment is approved by the financial institution, the transaction ends with a confirmation notice showing the registration form(s) number(s). We advise you to keep your form number(s).

 How to Make Your Payment

  • The $31.04 registration fee (including taxes) is non-refundable. On the Sépaq Web site, the payment must be made by credit card. You must enter both your credit card number and the expiry date. The draw registration is only complete after the credit card institution issues a confirmation of payment.
  • In case of an error in the administrative processing of a registration, your only recourse as a participant will be the refund of your registration fees.
  • We advise you to keep your form number(s).
  • Entry period: October 3 to November 3, 2018. The draw will take place in mid-November.

The entry and draw processes are administered by Sépaq, and land is allocated by the MERN or the MRC.

If you notice an error after checking your online registration form, you can make corrections by writing us at

Random Draw

The draw will be conducted electronically under the supervision of an external auditor and in the presence of witnesses. Individual draw results will be communicated to the entrants by e-mail, within 48 hours of the draw.

Allocation of lots

MERN or the MRCs conduct the allotment by invitation, in the order of the draw results. The number of invitees likely to receive land is determined by the number of available lots. The participants selected will be notified of the location and date of allocation in the invitation letter or E-mail.

According to the regulations applicable, no participant may lease or acquire more than one lot made available for vacation purposes in one or more administrative regions following an allocation of lots by random draw.

Transfer of a vacation lot lease

The lessee of a vacation lot allocated by random draw after October 1, 2010 may not transfer any rights under the lease during the five years following the date of the initial lease, unless:

  • The lessee has constructed a building worth at least $ 10,000 on the leased lot;
  • The building on the leased lot has been sold in a judicial sale, to recover taxes owed or following the exercise of a hypothecary right; or
  • The transfer is made to the lessee’s legal or de facto spouse, father, mother, brother, sister, or child, or following the lessee’s death


In addition to the entry fee for the random draw, participants who are allocated a lot for lease must pay the following:

  • A processing fee of $127.62 ($111 plus GST and QST);
  • An administration fee of $387.47 ($337 plus GST and QST);
  • A land development fee of $899.10 ($782 plus GST and QST);
  • Surveying fees, if applicable;
  • Development fees, if applicable;
  • The first year's rent.

Lessee Use Rights and Obligations

A lessee who is granted a vacation lot lease may use the lot for vacation purposes only during the lease period. This right is distinct from other public land use rights: it in no way exempts the lessee from complying with current hunting, fishing, and trapping regulations.

The lessee must comply with the terms and conditions of the lease and pay the annual rent as well as municipal and school taxes. The lessee or the buyer must also comply with all municipal by-laws and provincial and federal laws and regulations, notably with regard to wildlife and the environment, as well as all municipal and RCM land development standards.

Important Notes

  • These lots are offered for renewable annual lease.
  • The MERN recommends that entrants visit the lots that interest them before entering the draw. Please exercise caution when visiting the lots during hunting season.
  • The MERN reserves the right to remove any lot from the random draw, up to the time of the draw.
  • Sépaq reminds everyone that writing or signing, with fraudulent intention and without legitimate authorization, a registration form for a random draw in the name of or on behalf of another person may constitute a criminal act.
  • Sépaq carries out the random draws for and with the approval of Ministère de l'Énergie et des Ressources naturelles.
  • Sépaq random draws are held under the supervision of an external auditing firm.


For more information about the lots, visit the Ministère de l'énergie et des ressources naturelles Web site at or contact the MRC concerned.

MRC de Témiscouata : 1 877 303-6725
MRC de Rivière-du-Loup : 418 867-2485

MRC du Fjord-du-Saguenay : 1 888 673-1705
MRC du Domaine-du-Roy : 1 888 475-2440
MRC de Maria-Chapdelaine : 1 888 776-2131

MRC de Mékinac : 418 365-5151
Agglomération de La Tuque : 819 523-8200

MRC de Caniapiscau : 418 287-5339
MRC La Haute-Côte-Nord : 418 233-2102
MRC de Manicouagan : 418 589-9594
MRC de Minganie : 1 866 538-2732

MERN - Direction régionale de la Gaspésie—Îles-de-
la-Madeleine : 418 388-2125

MRC de Matawanie : 1 800 264-5441

MRC des Laurentides : 819 425-5555