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For a memorable hunt at Sépaq Anticosti

Hunting on Anticosti Island is very different from hunting on the mainland. To maximize your chances of success, our specialists have prepared a series of video capsules chock full of tips: essential gear, approaching in high winds, particularities of the terrain and clothing, how to walk discreetly in this particular island environment, and more. For a memorable hunt, just follow the guide!

Sépaq Anticosti Sépaq Anticosti
Sépaq Anticosti Steve Deschênes | © Sépaq


Establish your game plan

How can you take advantage of the island's characteristics to create shooting opportunities? Of course, you have to consider the ever-present wind but you also have to know how to uncover the natural funnels that channel the animals' movements and avoid mistakes that could cause your prey to flee. (Video in French only)

Hunting in high winds

Because it is located at the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the island is often swept by winds that could skin a buck. In these conditions, where do the animals take refuge? If you’re smart, you can sometimes surprise them at a very short distance, maybe even come across a reclining deer... (Video in French only)

The art of walking discreetly

Anticosti Island is a special environment, where the grasslands of the great plains rub shoulders with the seashore, swamps, and wooded areas. Here are a few tips to remain unnoticed while moving "like a deer." (Video in French only)

To fire or not to fire?

That's it… deer in sight! But is it the right time to fire? How much reaction time do you have? How can you make yourself scarce and continue the approach if you can't yet make a clean shot? And how can you get the deer to change positions so as to identify it better? (Video in French only)

I didn't have time to shoot

These are the words that end many stories told at camp at the end of a day's hunting. But what can you do to stop a deer from running away? How can you get a better look without making the creature jump up and scamper away? Here are some tips on how to get a good kill and share a whole other story! (Video in French only)

Harvesting in September

Unlike hunting on the mainland, which begins in November, you can hunt as early as September on Anticosti Island. While this particularity gives rise to amazing encounters, it also requires a different approach. Maxime and Robin provide a number of tips right here. (Video in French only)

Gearing up

Everything in your pockets

Here's the essential gear you need to pack so you don't run out of things in the field. A smart selection that allows you to travel light and hunt nimbly, without unnecessary bulk. (Video in French only)

The right clothing choices

How do you dress for hunting on Anticosti Island? What clothing should you bring? Which fabrics or materials are best? To make informed choices, follow the advice in this guide! (Video in French only)

The importance of the shooting stick

The shooting stick is an essential piece of equipment for island hunting. But there are several models…so which one to choose and how to use it properly? (Video in French only)

How to protect your rifle scope

Rain, snow, conifer needles, salt spray from the sea... All sorts of things can obstruct your telescopic sight. To see clearly when shooting, it’s a good idea to protect your scope. But what’s the best way to do it? (Video in French only)

Don't forget your binoculars

For hunting on Anticosti Island, bionic eyes are very practical indeed! Here are the criteria for choosing a good pair of binoculars and tips for carrying them properly too. (Video in French only)

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