Located at the mouth of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Anticosti Island is accessible by plane and boat. Sépaq Anticosti offers flights from Montréal, Québec City and Mont-Joli.

Access and Operating Period


Most of the flights leave from Montréal, Québec City or Mont-Joli.


For fishing in June, flights are available from Mont-Joli. For trout fishing in lakes and salmon fishing on La Loutre River, flights are available from Mont-Joli, Québec City and Montréal. For salmon fishing on the Jupiter River, our agents can help you with your plane reservation.


In the Village of Port-Menier

Before driving to your place of accommodations, stop in at one of Port-Menier's stores to buy your supplies:

  • Coopérative de consommation de l'île d'Anticosti Inc.: grocery-butcher store and SAQ counter (bakery, butchery, fruit and vegetables)
  • L'Accommodeur Malouin Inc.: convenience store, hardware store, construction materials, souvenirs, hunting and fishing items
  • Centre de réparation mécanique de l'île Inc.
  • Caisse populaire Desjardins - Centre de service de Port-Menier : banking services at the counter
  • Les Artisans d'Anticosti Enr.: Crafts and souvenirs
  • Auberge Port-Menier: Licenced restaurant
  • Boutique Nature: Wide variety of souvenirs
  • Gasoline: Coopérative de l'île

Press review

Hunting experts in the media sphere have filmed or writed about their trip on Anticosti Island over the years. Take a look at the stories of their stays (in French only).


Loisirs Chasse et Pêche

Bonne chasse


Journal de Québec

Journal de Montréal

Journal Le Soir

Magazine 100 % Chasse Pêche

Rendez-vous nature

Contact Information

Contact Information:
C.P. Box 179
Port-Menier, Anticosti (Québec)  G0G 2Y0

Telephone : 1 800 463-0863 (toll-free)

Telephone : 418 890-0863

Fax : 418 682-9944


Tourist accommodation
Cabins and Auberge McDonald: registration number 850440
Auberge Port-Menier: registration number 010264

Map Library

Sector maps


How to use MicroSD files for Garmin GPS

Please follow these steps to copy the GPS file on your MicroSD card:

•  Download the GPS file.
•  Save the file on your workstation.
•  Decompress the*.zip file.
•  Insert the MicroSD card into your computer, perhaps with the help of an adapter.
•  Copy the Garmin folder on your MicroSD card.
•  Withdraw the MicroSD card from your computer.
•  Insert the MicroSD card into your Garmin GPS.

Important: Please do not change the name of the directory or of the file; otherwise your GPS will be unable to read the document. The MicroSD card can hold only one GPS file. Use is reserved for Garmin GPS only.

GPS files - Sépaq Anticosti (2023)

Complementary tool: Avenza Maps

The mobile app allows you to geotag your location on our territory maps.

To read one of our maps using Avenza Maps, download the maps from the Avenza Maps mapstore. For quick access to the general maps of this territory, consult our methodology.

Several other maps of Sépaq (including lake maps) are accessible via the mapstore of Avenza Maps. You can access the maps directly in the application or via their website.

Parking at airports

Customers can park their cars in the areas provided for this purpose, for a fee that is not refunded by Sépaq.

Air Inuit (western sectors)

  • Montreal airport (Air lnuit Termial) : free of charge
    • Please note that it's recommended to plan alternatives (carpooling, shuttle, etc.), as parking may be full upon arrival.
  • Québec City airport (Trans-Sol Terminal): $13 per day
  • Mont-Joli airport: $6 per day

Nolinor (eastern sectors - hunting stays only)

  • Mirabel airport (Terminal 2): free of charge
  • Québec City airport (Trans-Sol Terminal): $13 per day



Pets are not allowed at Sépaq Anticosti, except guide dogs and service dogs.

Using drones

In order to minimize the impact on wildlife and on the customer experience, Sépaq does not allow recreational drone use at the establishments it manages. Find out more


A private individual or production company must obtain prior authorization to carry out a video shoot or photo session on Sépaq-managed territories. Find out more


Make sure you select the right ammunition for the calibre of firearm you’re using.

Passenger information

The air transport included in the various packages offered on this site is provided exclusively by air carriers duly licenced by the Canadian Transportation Agency and having a Transport Canada Operations Certificate.

Sépaq acts as a "reseller" in accordance with Decision No. 100-A-2016 dated March 29, 2016, which granted this new status to transportation intermediaries.

The general conditions of carriage that apply are the conditions of these same carriers as they appear in their official tariffs, which can be consulted upon request at the point of departure or the point of return of air transport. The air carriers used by Sépaq are Strait Air (2000) Ltd., Air Inuit, and Chrono Aviation.

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