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Anticosti is not the same as other destinations. Renowned as a remarkable territory for white-tailed deer hunting, this island abounds of these creatures. Your chances for hunting success are not the only reasons your stay is sure to be memorable. The beauty of the scenery will take your breath away! For over a century, this island at the mouth of the Gulf of St. Lawrence has also been attracting fans of salmon fishing on the fabulous Jupiter River. Anticosti Island is truly one of Québec’s natural jewels.




Image de «New hunting territories for the 2022 season».

New hunting territories for the 2022 season

New hunting territories will be accessible for the 2022 season. Sépaq Anticosti operations will encompass nearly three quarters of our deer island, a national treasure of great value to Quebecers that will be more accessible than ever to one and all. Find out more

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Follow the guide

Hunting on Anticosti Island is very different from hunting on the mainland. To maximize your chances of success, our specialists have prepared a series of video capsules chock full of tips.

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50% discount for non-hunting companions

Non-hunting companions added to your group will receive a 50% discount on their stay with departure from Mont-Joli (departure also possible from Quebec City or Montreal). Details and conditions

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Are You Alone? We Form Groups!

If you’re alone or you need an extra hunter for your group, our agents can team you up with other white-tailed deer hunting enthusiasts. There are plenty of opportunities for stays with a guide, based either on the American plan (including meals) or the European plan (excluding meals). Call today!

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5th Hunter Special Offers

Take advantage of our 5th hunter special offers for trips in September, October and November. Offers valid on the following packages: European Plan including guide services, European Plan without guide (in cabin or rustic shelter) and American Plan. Find out more!

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Press review

Hunting experts in the media sphere have filmed or writed about their trip on Anticosti Island over the years. Take a look at the stories of their stays. Find out more


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