Land-Use and Integrated Management

Specific Land Use

The Enclosures

Sépaq Anticosti continues to work in partnership with the Ministère des Ressources naturelles, Produits Forestiers Anticosti inc. and the Industrial Research Chair under the supervision of Université Laval in an experimental hunt for a scientific study.

Following logging operations, huge enclosures were built for a study assessing the effects of deer browsing on the Anticosti forest. Every year, Sépaq Anticosti offers stays that include experimental hunting inside these enclosures. The number of places is limited, and the stays are usually offered in August.

Trail Maintenance

Sépaq Anticosti constantly maintains the many kilometres of trails that wind through the territory. This allows hunters to have access to a multitude of trails for still hunting.

Closed Blinds

At the request of hunters seeking more comfort and shelter on rainy days, we installed closed hunting blinds in strategic places.


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