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Participate in discovery activities at Parc national de la Yamaska. Let a park warden share his or her passion for the territory and the nature it protects.

We spare no efforts to contribute to your enjoyment of the park’s rich natural and historical heritage. Excursions on the water, hiking activities, marionette shows for kids, and evening talks are all part of the wide range of activities we offer to pique your curiosity.

Among summer activities are animal reviews as part of the Wildlife Show. See our program for more detailed information on the presentations: Birds of the Park, The Diverse World of Insects and The Park’s Carnivores. These short, dynamic presentations reveal the treasures of the nature surrounding you. Don’t miss them!

See the complete list of the park’s discovery activities (in French only).

... or Go at Your Own Pace

Are you more independent? No problem! Explore Parc national de la Yamaska on your own and soak up the spirit of the area.

You’ll discover La Rivière hiking trail on a self-guided nature circuit for whole family. NATURE Challenge, a 2.5-km loop, offers 12 stopping stations highlighting several aspects of the park.

At the Discovery and Visitors Centre, you can also pick up our bird-watching brochure. It reveals the major features of the park’s birds and provides a list of 150 species most likely to be seen. This brochure is attractive and easy to use. The birds are grouped into 14 hierarchical levels (Orders), which bring together species with similar characteristics.

This is a unique way to head out for an adventure, binoculars in hand, and to make real-life discoveries about this group of animals, very much part of the park and so easy to spot.

Did you know?

Rabaska Panorama…

Thirty-eight years ago, the landscape of the area where the park lies today was marked by a major transformation: the creation of Réservoir Choinière. In the spring of 1977, in just a few weeks a “lake” was created from scratch, with the goal of stabilizing the course of Petite rivière Yamaska Nord and securing the water supply for the town of Granby. This reservoir is now the centrepiece of the regional water management plan.

In 2012, this body of water played its role of water reservoir as never before. It compensated for a lack of rain, redistributing the resource wisely and cooperatively to Granby to satisfy the needs of the population. Since then, new landscapes have sprouted up in the park. Because of the exceptionally low level of the reservoir, a plateau of old roads reappeared. The history of this area’s human occupation resurfaced.

Photo : Alain Mochon, Sépaq

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