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Parc national du Lac‑Témiscouata

Discovery Activities

Let Us Guide You...

More than 50 archaeological sites have already been found in the park, and more discoveries are expected. To discover the millenary links between humans and the land, many activities related to Indigenous and archaeological heritage are offered, from stone-cutting to clay work.

After taking this first step, it will be hard to resist the urge to find out more by taking part in activities offered by the park’s archeologist, who will introduce you to archeological digs.

If you’re looking for a more playful activity, you can slip into the moccasins of a Malecite family and embark on a rabaska canoe for a trip through time.

...Or go at your own pace

Whether you decide to go back in history along the magnificent river or explore a unique forest at the top of Fourneau Mountain, each path was designed and created to help you discover all the richness of the area.

The Montagne-du-Fourneau hike and its magnificent pine forest is ideal for discovering all the biodiversity of the region and several remarkable views of Lac Témiscouata.

The Sutherland hike, which is just a spectacular, winds along Lac Rond and the Sutherland stream to the waterfall, leading to the discovery of other aspects of the Wissick Mountains, where Grey Own once lived with his beavers.

The Rivière-des-Mémoires hike takes you to one of the park’s most beautiful rivers, but also to one of the major historical areas, a witness to Témiscouata’s entire history.

The Draveur hike hugs the curves of Lac Touladi all the way to its history-steeped sandy beach.

The Montagne-de-Chert hike offers a unique atmosphere through a mature maple forest and a beautiful view of Lac Touladi. Ambiance guaranteed on this mountain, which was frequented by the first humans.

The multifunctional trail links the old wharf to the footbridge over Rivière Touladi. You can take it either on foot or by bicycle. It runs alongside Lac Témiscouata and you have the option of stopping on the sandy beach near the Curé Cyr hut.

Finally, Grands-Pins hike with its magnificent view of Témiscoauta lake is located on a mountainside, on a more rustic and sporting walking area and is alongside the national trail.

Did you know?

Through the Water


This area is a historical crossroads dating back thousands of years. In the wake of those who have made history, explore the Touladi lakes to discover particularly rich environments. Use our shuttle service to come back at the departure point or savour the tranquility of these lakes on canoe-camping sites. The capacity of these canoes is 2 people with luggage. Canoes can be rented by the hour, half day or full day.

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