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Parc marin du Saguenay–Saint‑Laurent


Young in his 20s and yet among the oldest marine protected areas in the world, Parc marin du Saguenay–Saint-Laurent is the only park in Québec to preserve and enhance an exclusively marine environment. With the adjacent communities, Sépaq and Parks Canada mandate is to raise the level of protection of these ecosystems and the quality of experiences that visitors can have here. A unique and fabulous spot, where you stand on the coast to observe a giant marine mammal, the blue whale. There are several ways to experience the marine park. Sailing on the waters or treading the soil of the Discovery Network sites, you’ll be amazed by the magnitude of the nature here, and by the wide variety of activities that are offered.

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The marine park’s scientific research program is now online

Developed in conjunction with a group of experts from the academic world and from various provincial and federal government departments, the scientific research program of the Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park highlights the research and monitoring needs and priorities of the marine protected area. To find out more about completed and ongoing projects, as well as major issues of interest, please consult the online document.

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Adventure Packages

Accredited partners, Aventure Écotourisme Québec (AEQ), offer several packages combining kayaking, zodiac tours and hiking. Take a front row seat to admire the natural beauty of the Saguenay-Saint-Laurent marine park.


Beluga summer at Baie Sainte-Marguerite: a brand-new protection measure in 2018

Birth and rearing places for young belugas such as Baie Sainte-Marguerite are very precious indeed. Therefore, from June 21 to September 21, 2018, watercraft are barred from the prohibited area indicated in red, which follows a line between Cap Nord-Ouest and Cap Sainte-Marguerite. Special authorization is granted only to recreational kayaks, canoes, and anglers who are required to travel nonstop along a bank-side corridor within 10 m of the shallow areas of the bay. Thank you for helping to protect this endangered population.

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The Marine Park is 20 years young

The past 20 years have been marked by extraordinary achievements: more than 120 research and monitoring projects; a single regulation governing activities at sea and protecting marine mammals, as well as various protective measures to reduce the risk of collisions with and disturbance of whales; a discovery network of twenty or so terrestrial sites in the four regions bordering the park; and a collaboration between a number of stakeholders leading to the birth of the Eco-Whale Alliance, which promotes best practices in the whale-watching industry.

To highlight all the work done, a good many festive events are on the program for the summer and fall. Some are an invitation to civic engagement. Others offer an encounter with history or science. Details

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