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Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay

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Scholastic Activities

Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay : A Natural Choice

We hope to share the park’s natural and cultural riches and educate youth about the importance of protected areas. We have therefore developed many school activities, which are available to teachers and their students year-round. Take the time to discover them, and don’t hesitate to contact us.

School Activity on the Parks Network

A park warden will visit your students in class to share his or her enthusiasm about Québec’s national parks, describing their riches, their mission and their history. This is a great chance for young people to find answers to many of their questions, and to reflect on the balance needed between the conservation and accessibility components of the parks’ mission. Québec’s national parks : protected territories (1st cycle of secondary school) (in French only).

Students participating in this activity will receive daily family access to the national park of their choice so they can experience the national parks up close and personal. And the activity is free of charge for the 4th, 7th and 10th classes coming from your school!

Information on the Network School Activity

Level and
Duration and
Rates 2020-2021
Québec’s National
Protected Territories
1st cycle
• Geography GEO 1, 2 and 3 1 ¼ h
$105 + taxes/class

Local School Activities

Would you like to organize a field trip? Experience the vastness of the landscapes through fun and educational activities at Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay!

  • The Boreal Forest, a Bird Nursery (introduction to research)
    Discover the techniques used to study boreal birds. An activity designed to prove that science is definitely exciting.
  • Fjord Duo...Land and Sea!  (Zodiac and supervised hikes)
    Discover a uniquely diverse ecosystem during this day full of surprises!
  • Twists and Turns on the Cliffs (supervised hike)
    Sea trout, the formation of the delta, beavers and short, a small trail that promises big discoveries
  • Travelling Salesman in the Rabaska Era: be part of the team of coureurs des bois and relive the days of the fur trade.

For more information on our school programs, call Dominic Dion at 418 272-1509, extension 228 or enquire by e-mail at

Information on Local School Activities

Grades and CyclesPrograms
Duration and
Pricing 2020-2021
The Boreal Forest,
a Bird Nursery
(2nd and 3rd cycles)
Science and
ST 1, 6

2 h
$4.35 + tx/student
(1st and 2nd cycles)
Geography GEO 1, 3
The Fjord Duo.. Land and Sea Elementary
(3rd cycle)
Science and
ST 1, 6 7 h
Pricing available
upon request
(1st and 2nd cycles)
Physical and
health education
GEO 1, 3
PEH 1, 2
Twists and Turns on the Cliffs
(supervised hike)
Science and
GEO 1, 3
ST 1, 6

1 ½ h: $3.48 + tx/student
2 h : $4.35 +tx/student
Travelling Salesman
in the Rabaska Era
(1st and 2nd cycles)
History and
Physical and
health education
PEH 1, 2

1 ½ h
$6.95 + tx/student

Did you know?

The Geography Program

Are you a high school geography teacher? If so, you’ll definitely be interested in our school program where a park warden visits your class to present the protected territories of the national parks.

Garde-parc en classe
Invite a park warden to your class to introduce your students to the riches of the national parks.

The activity Québec’s National Parks: Protected Territories was developed as part of the school reform, specifically for the first cycle of secondary school courses. Through interactive activities, the students learn why the parks exist, and about the challenges of conservation.

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