Park Path Explorer

A New Visiting Experience in the National Parks

Park Path Explorer is a new tool that allows you to personalize your visit to a national park in the Parcs Québec network, while learning about the riches of these magnificent protected areas. According to your preferences and interests, choose from among a variety of paths and discover the park’s beauty, landscape, habitats, plant and animal life, and history.

Park Path Explorer: So You Don’t Miss a Thing!

Planification de la visite sur la borne interactive iPad

Plan Your Visit

Park Path Explorer is available here on the Sépaq Web site and on interactive terminals in the Discovery and Visitors Centres. Depending on what you want to see or how you want to explore the park, choose one of the hiking, cycling or water paths. You’re on your way!

Parc national
Parc national
Parc national
du Bic
Parc national
de Frontenac
Parc national
des Grands-Jardins
Parc national
de la Jacques-Cartier
Parc national
du Lac-Témiscouata
Parc national
du Mont-Saint-Bruno
Parc national
du Mont-Tremblant
Parc national
de la Yamaska

Découverte du territoire avec l'app mobile.

Discover Unique Territories

Each route is dotted with discovery points designed to help you see and learn more about the special characteristics of the park you’re visiting. There are three ways to explore the routes.


Certain paths use a brochure to share knowledge with you. Pick one up before your departure. It will contribute to the pleasure of your excursion!

Discovery Panels

To accompany your discoveries, the paths are dotted with explanatory panels to draw your attention to the characteristics of the environment you’re exploring.

Mobile Application

The free Park Path Explorer application presents the paths with discovery points and details about each one on your device. Maps, diagrams and photographs accompany a short text. You can download the application now or at the park in the Wi-Fi zone at the Discovery and Visitors Centre.

If you don’t have a device, you can borrow one at the reception desk.

Available on the App Store
Approndissement des connaissances via la borne interactive

Deepen Your Knowledge

See the To Learn section in the Park Path Explorer for more information about the park’s vegetation, river system, wildlife and history.


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