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Discovery Activities

Let Us Guide You...

Participate in the park’s discovery activities. Let a park warden share his or her passion for the territory and the nature it protects.

Historically, the landscapes, the wildlife and the forest have attracted people to the park. Relive the main periods of human occupation from the Amerindians to the present as you paddle the magnificent Lac Monroe in a rabaska canoe.

When beavers arrive, several other species benefit. Come walk where beavers, moose and wolves have left their marks. On this easy one-kilometre trail, you’ll recognize signs of the park’s stars.

Around a campfire imagine the nocturnal adventures of a pack of wolves, the park’s fascinating predators. A story that will leave you breathless.

The black bear leaves no one totally indifferent. Some are attracted to this animal while others have an irrational fear of it. Which category are you in? Come join a game that will help you appreciate this mammal, which is very much part of the park. Whether you’re scared or not, don’t miss it!

See the complete list of the park’s adiscovery activities (in French only).

... or Go at Your Own Pace

Are you more independent? No problem! Explore Parc national du Mont-Tremblant on your own and soak up the spirit of the area.

Discovery Trails with Brochure

  • Lac-aux-Atocas (1.5 km)
    The park is overflowing with fresh water: hundreds of lakes, rivers, streams and bogs. The trail and the brochure tell some of these “water stories”. Brochure available at the trailhead.
  • L'Envol (3.4 km)
    Meet the maple-yellow birch stand, this mountain forest typical of Parc national du Mont-Tremblant, and contemplate Vallée du Pimbina from the lookout. A walk, a climb, a flight.
    Brochure available at the trailhead.
  • Le Lac-de-L'Assomption (3 km)
    A delta teeming with life, the changing face of a stream, a shelter on stilts where you can watch Common Loons and other wild residents of the bay at your leisure: just some of the discoveries you’ll make on this trail. Brochure available at the trailhead.

Did you know?

Secrets of the Via Ferrata

Accompanied by a park warden-naturalist, you can now visit natural environments that were inaccessible until recently!

Préparez-vous aux découvertes
Get ready for discoveries

In a small group accompanied by a park warden, discover mysteries of the cliff’s plant and animal life. What mysteries do the rocks of Mont Vache Noire hide? What can live on or visit these steep cliffs? Did Mont Tremblant used to be bigger?

As part of a unique guided hike on the Via ferrata du Diable, a park warden naturalist will unveil all the area’s secrets and be happy to answer all your questions.

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