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Park Experience

A Valley Bordered by the Appalachian Mountains

Over hill and dale, Parc national du Mont-Orford welcomes visitors to mature forests dominated by sugar maple. Come admire the mountains, hills and ponds, a happy mixture of plant and animal habitats. Whether you want to explore the trails, take a ride on the Montagnarde cycling path, climb to Pic de l'Ours, vacation at Centre de villégiature Jouvence, or be carried away by symphony music at Centre d'arts Orford, you’ll love discovering this park. The quality of its winter activities makes it very popular among cross country skiers and snow shoeing enthusiasts.

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Discover the Park Through Interpretation

Parc national du Mont-Orford has the potential to inspire wonder! And the best way is to participate in our discovery activities (in French only). Through the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage, you’ll learn more about the park and the importance of protecting it.

Among the riches we wish to share are:

  • Mature maple forests that cover almost 75% of the park, and which are responsible for flamboyant fall colours
  • Amphibians (frogs and salamanders) and reptiles (turtles and snakes) that inhabit many wetland environments
  • Mountainous terrain with outstanding geological characteristics

To guide us in developing our discovery activities, all the parks have an education plan.

Did you know?

Étang Fer-de-Lance Fen

Did you know that among the numerous wetlands and waterways in Parc national du Mont-Orford is a fen, a very rare wetland in southern Québec?

View of Étang Fer-de-Lance fen from the Jean-Paul-Hamel lookout. Credit: Marc Loiselle

This minerotrophic bog in the southwestern part of Étang Fer-de-Lance receives rain water and runoff that has come in contact with mineral soils, making it a very rich environment. The particular ecological conditions (pH, flow, type of soil) are conducive to the establishment of rich vegetation, composed mainly of herbaceous plants. You can hike along Étang-Fer-de-Lance trail to observe the many forms of life in this natural environment. A pleasant stroll through a maple forest leads to a lookout featuring a panoramic view of the Mont-Orford massif and Étang Fer-de-Lance. Beavers, river otters, osprey, painted turtles and wood ducks often put on great shows for spectators.

Happy wildlife watching!

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