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Parc national de Miguasha

Discovery Activities

Let Us Guide You...

At the Natural History Exhibitions, the discovery activities are an unavoidable. In the company of an experienced guide, these experiences help you learn about fossils and the great milestones in the evolution of life as you dive into a world that existed 380 million years ago. These activities are adapted to visitors of all ages. Updated annually, the discovery activities reflects research that has been done on the fauna, flora and fossil environment of Miguasha.

See the complete list of the park’s discovery activities (in French only).

... or Go at Your Own Pace

Are you more independent? No problem! At Parc national de Miguasha, the scientific adventure can also be experienced at your own pace. Exhibition rooms were designed for this purpose, leaving time to read the information about the fossils and to see them at a leisurely pace. 

And why not take a few steps on the Evolution of Life trail, a 3.5-km circuit along the cliff that loops back along the shore. A dozen or so discovery panels on the trail explain the history of life on Earth so that you can learn as you walk.

Did you know?

Significant Paleodiversity

At Parc national de Miguasha, we find a wide variety of fossil species. Among them are about twenty fish species, eight invertebrate species, five plant species and nearly 70 species of spores. This fossil diversity has helped reconstitute the terrestrial and aquatic components of a 380 million year-old ecosystem.


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