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Parc national Kuururjuaq

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Parc national Kuururjuaq was created in May 2009 and covers 4,460 km2. It stretches from the sea to the lofty peaks that cap the northern tip of the Québec-Labrador Peninsula. The centrepiece of this magnificent region is the 160-kilometre Koroc River, which flows through a broad valley from the precipitous Torngat Mountains to Ungava Bay. In particular, the downstream section of the Koroc River valley is an oasis of boreal forest in an otherwise rugged arctic zone. This zone of the valley nurtures (unusually at such a northerly latitude) stands of trees including tamarack, black spruce and even white birch. The Torngat Mountains make up the eastern border of the parc national Kuururjuaq. This range is the highest in eastern continental Canada. Rising to 1,646 metres, Mount D'Iberville in particular dominates the park and the entire Torngat Mountain range. The parc national Kuururjuaq also comprises a variety of distinct ecosystems and representative sections of three natural regions, known as the Torngat Mountain Foothills, the George River Plateau and the Ungava Coast. Visit the Web site.

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