Parc national du Bic

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A majestic natural site shaped by the sea. This area’s coast is more jagged than the rest of the shoreline and its mountainous massifs are higher than all others in the region. Parc National du Bic was created to protect and showcase the area’s natural features and exceptional flora.

Parc national du Bic Parc national du Bic
Parc national du Bic Paul Dussault | © Sépaq
Alma Kismic | © Sépaq

Paddle up the St. Lawrence

Parc National du Bic’s many islands and network of coves makes it one of the world’s premier destinations for kayaking. Find out where kayaking is permitted and enjoy the park in a unique way. Guided activities are offered by Aventures Archipel.

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A biking adventure

As soon as you enter the park, you can leave your car behind and explore the park by bike. You’ll love exploring the changing landscapes as you cycle through the forest and along the coast. Bikes are available for the whole family at the Rivière-du-Sud-Ouest rental centre.

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Sunset gazing

Experience the majesty of the St. Lawrence estuary as you’ve never seen it before by taking in one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Get lost in the scents and sounds of the sea and the gentle lull of the maritime breeze. Enjoy the park at its most relaxing and peaceful time of day.

Alma Kismic | © Sépaq

Admire the Raoul‑Roy lookout

This little-known lookout is easily accessible and offers a panoramic view of the river, mountains and islands that make up the park. It’s an ideal spring birdwatching destination for many species of migrating birds of prey. It’s also the starting point for the Les Murailles trail which leads to the famous Pic Champlain summit.

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Experience the Les Anses trail

This intermediate level trail is sure to impress with its coastline dotted with islands, and landscape of massive boulders and verdant lichen. Through the various reference points, this trail invites you to take a moment and bathe in inner peace while exploring the outdoors.

Mathieu Lachapelle | © Sépaq

Discover the park in winter

Winter in the park offers a peaceful atmosphere and majestic coastal landscapes. Hike, snowshoe, kicksled, ski or fat bike your way through the park. All trails will lead you to spectacular views of the St. Lawrence and its many islands.

Parc national

Protected area.
Enriching nature experiences.

Québec’s national parks, guardians of countless treasures, offer a chance to connect with nature. Safeguard these protected areas so they can be cherished and enjoyed for generations to come.

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