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Discovery Activities

Let Us Guide You...

Participate in the park’s discovery activities. Let a naturalist park warden share his or her passion for the territory, the cultural heritage and the nature it protects. Diversity, variety and quality characterize the discovery activities program. You’ll love it.

A Landscape Inherited from the Sea

With this theme as a foundation, several activities help you discover and get more familiar with the park’s treasures and special features. Activities like wildlife watching, hiking with a park warden, and free-time activities are regularly presented in strategic locations.

Attend Theatrical Activities

Funny plays are presented to visitors of all ages. These 30-minute shows focus on history of the park.

Evening Activities

In the evening, park wardens will show you other aspects of the park’s riches, the reasons it was established, its beauty and its importance as a protected area.

Family activities 

The whole family can participate in the discovery activities entitled Le littoral sous la loupe and Arché-O-Joute. These two activities are offered specially to meet the interests of discovery enthusiasts of all ages and provide a golden opportunity to experience the park as a family. Through games and simulated research, you’ll discover the park’s very special riches.

See the complete list of the park’s discovery activities (in French only).

... or Go at Your Own Pace

Ferme Rioux Discovery and Visitors Centre

Pop by the Ferme Rioux Discovery and Visitors Centre and you’ll discover the various facets of the park in your very own way. On site, take advantage of the discovery space and attend audiovisual presentations and thematic activities offered by park warden- naturalists and researchers.

In addition, at the Raoul-Roy viewpoint, seven discovery panels will tell you all about the spring migration phenomenon and make it easier to identify species during the observation of birds of prey.

Self-Guided Trails

An archeological trail will remind you of Amerindian presence in the park. On the course, six discovery panels and an archaeological research site spotlight human occupation here over 2,500 years ago.

At a variety of strategic locations, discovery panels tell you about: the Pointe aux Épinettes salt marsh, the Rioux sector, the seals, the Lyman domain, etc.

Also, at the Raoul-Roy lookout, seven discovery panels provide a multitude of information about observing birds of prey.

Did you know?

Shore under the microscope

Are you between 7 and 12 years old, love making discoveries and are fascinated by marine organisms? If so, you’re the perfect candidate for being an apprentice sea researcher!

Sea Researchers in Action

Accompanied by a park warden-naturalist, you’ll explore the shore in search of intriguing organisms that live half their lives submerged in the sea and the other half in open air.... What are they? How do they do it?

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