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New angler

Every year, thousands of anglers, including men, women and children, choose Sépaq to learn about fishing. The proof that fishing isn’t so difficult ... and that Sépaq knows all the ins and outs! We do everything in our power to offer you a simple, affordable fishing trip. We’re also happy to share our best tips and tell you our best fishing stories. And we’ll welcome you with great pride each and every time you come to call!

Réserve faunique Mastigouche Réserve faunique Mastigouche
Réserve faunique Mastigouche Émile David | © Sépaq

Fishing stories

Sépaq offers fishing destinations throughout Québec. Hives of activity featuring fish galore. Check out the first fishing experiences of people just like you. 

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On-site experienced staff to help you out

No matter where you go, you’ll meet with our wardens before going to your cabin.

Chef's recipes

Because, beyond the pleasure of fishing, there’s also the pleasure of eating.

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Call us! Our fishing experts are there to advise you.


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