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November 17, 2017

Sépaq reinvents the ready-to-camp in Québec

Québec City - Always at the forefront of outdoor experiences, Sépaq is launching, as of next summer, a brand-new ready-to-camp model at some establishments of its network: the Étoile ready-to-camp.

The acknowledged leader for nature stays, Sépaq has understood that there's a ready market for this increasingly popular user-friendly formula. After 10 years of successful partnership with the Huttopia company, Sépaq has dared to be bold and creative by developing its very own vision of turnkey camping.

"Our users have been consulted and heard. Our architects have analyzed the best models on the ready-to-camp market and have taken on the task of reinventing the genre. And they can be proud of the result! The new full-comfort model is an ingenious cross between a tent and a cabin. We're entering a new era for ready-to-camps, confirming Sépaq's leadership position in the outdoor stay market," says Sépaq's President and CEO, John Mackay.

Prêt-à-camper Étoile
Étoile ready-to-camp

The same surface area with more space

The triangular shape of the traditional ready-to-camp has given way to a more cubic form, supported by a canvas-sealed wood structure offering added height, a greater reception capacity and extra storage, all with the same surface area as the traditional model. The Étoile will also offer three double beds, to the delight of large families.

Because nobody comes to the forest to huddle inside like shut-ins, the new ready-to-camp features a patio door to let in all the natural light from outside. A larger covered gallery will make it possible to steal a bit of comfort from Mother Nature, even on rainy days. And the entire structure is designed to blend perfectly with its natural setting!

A practical, desirable, user-friendly alternative

The Étoile ready-to-camp offers an entirely redesigned, more vertical living space, without sacrificing the formula's practical, user-friendly key to success. Those who have been able to test the product have given it rave reviews. An affordable vacationing alternative without the purchase of equipment or the hassle of setting up. Perfect for holidays or getaways.

Sépaq will unveil this unique model as of next summer in a few parks and wildlife reserves of its network. They will serve as the perfect home base for discovering these splendid protected territories that are the pride and joy of Quebecers, their rightful owners.

From now on, the models formerly known as Huttopia and Hékipia will be referred to as traditional ready-to-camps. They are highly valued by our clientele and remain very popular indeed. Distributed all across the network, these 517 traditional ready-to-camps will continue to welcome visitors.

A new cabin model also arrives on the scene

And that's not all! The large Sépaq cabin family is expanding too. The latest offspring is called the Écho cabin, also inspired by everything that other models offer best in terms of comfort, space ... and price.

Chalet Écho
Écho cabin

Sépaq regulars will find that Écho cabins share a certain family resemblance with the popular EXP. cabin, whose plans served as a basis for this new cabin model. It features vast windows to provide an intimate connection with the surrounding landscapes, along with a well-equipped kitchen, a bathroom, and a wood stove.

But the Écho cabin is bigger than its little EXP. cousin. It offers two rooms, thus enabling it to accommodate up to four adults. There's also a living room for additional space and comfort. It's a true four-season family cabin where the use of each square centimetre has been carefully thought out.

The first three Écho cabins will open their doors at Parc national du Mont-Mégantic just in time for Christmas. But others will sprout quickly elsewhere across the network.

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