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Terms Of Use

Welcome to the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (hereinafter referred to as "Sépaq") Website. By accessing Sépaq's Website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") and by browsing this Site, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use as provided hereunder, as well as by the Privacy Policy, information regarding Transaction Security and Legal Notices (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Terms") and agree to comply with them. You acknowledge that you have read and understand these Terms.

Sépaq reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time, effective immediately upon posting on the Site. Please check the Site periodically.

For the purposes of these Terms, the word "User" means any individual who is browsing through the Site as well as any individual who authorizes the use of his computer equipment to do so.

The Terms constitute the entire agreement between a User and Sépaq regarding the use of the Site and its contents. The Terms replace all previous agreements between a User and Sépaq with regard to the subject matter hereof.

In the event of discrepancy between both linguistic versions of the Site and Terms, the French version takes precedence. The masculine gender has been chosen for easy reading purposes and includes the feminine gender.

The Site is governed by the laws of the province of Quebec and is subject to such laws. Any dispute, difference or other claims resulting from the use of, or arising from the connection with this Site, must be submitted and subjected to the jurisdiction of the courts of the province of Quebec. Consequently, the courts of the province of Quebec have the exclusive jurisdiction in matters relating to any prosecution, action or proceedings resulting from the use of this Site or arising in connection with this Site or related to the Terms.

1. Use of the Site

You agree that you are only authorized to visit, view and to retain a copy of pages of this Site for your own personal use, and that you shall not duplicate, download, publish, modify or otherwise distribute the material on this Site for any purpose other than to view information regarding Sépaq's products and services, or to purchase products and services for personal purposes. You also agree not to deep-link to the site for any purpose unless you have been authorized to do so by Sépaq. The contents and software used on the Site are the sole property of Sépaq and are protected by Canadian and international copyright and trademark laws. For additional information regarding this matter, please view the Legal Notices by clicking here.

2. Obligations of the User to the Site

The User undertakes not to:

3. Exclusion of warranty and limitation of liability

épaq has designed this Site for general information purposes. Although Sépaq has carefully compiled the information onto the Site with the utmost care and diligence in terms of reliability at the time of its presentation, it is possible that some of this information may contain errors or may be inaccurate. It is also possible that, from time to time, the published information may become outdated. 

Sépaq reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to correct any error or omission or to update any information found on the Site, including the prices of its products and services offered and their availability, without prior notice.

In addition, the Site meets certain computer, technical, graphic and typographic standards. Sépaq cannot guarantee that the Site will operate without any interruption or without any errors, or that there will not be any delay, omission or loss of transmitted information, that no virus or other contaminating component will not be transmitted or that no damage will be done to the User's computer system.

Under no circumstances shall Sépaq, its employees, administrators and representatives be held liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, exemplary or other damages whatsoever (including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the loss of information, programs or other data on the User's data processing system or any other loss of intangible assets) resulting from the use or the inability to use the Site, its contents or materials available from this Site, or information or functions of this Site or of any other connected site, or related thereto, or arising from the conduct of a third party when using the Site or resulting from unauthorized access to the Site, whether or not Sépaq has been notified of the possibility of such damages.

Without excluding any of the foregoing provisions, you may report any inaccuracies found on the Site and its contents or the misconduct of any user to the Site Manage by email or by clicking here.

4. Hyperlinks

The Site contains hyperlinks that enable the user to connect to sites which are operated by third parties (hereinafter referred to as "Hyperlinks").

The existence of any hyperlink does not signify in any way that Sépaq is supportive of the site involved, its contents or of other sites connected to the said site and Sépaq may not be held liable for their contents or for any damage resulting from Hyperlinks. Sépaq cannot guarantee that those sites are free from viruses or other harmful components which may have an impact on your computer systems. Sépaq cannot make any expressed or implicit warranty to the Visitor regarding the products or services provided by third parties even though such information, products or services are referred to, included on, or are accessible through the Site or linked to it.

Sépaq may at all times, add, delete or modify any Hyperlink appearing on the Site.

Anyone who wishes to create a Hyperlink on the Site must obtain a written consent from Sépaq and agree to comply with the Terms set forth by Sépaq. Techniques such as framing or mirror sites or other similar methods are also prohibited without prior consent from Sépaq.

The existence of unauthorized Hyperlinks by no means constitutes consent of or waiver to Sépaq's rights and recourses and Sépaq will not be liable for such Hyperlinks.

5. Privacy Policy

By choosing to use Sépaq's website, you agree, as a user, to Sépaq's Privacy Policy regarding the processing and protection of your personal information. You hereby agree that Sépaq may collect and use your personal information in accordance with the Policy, it being understood that Sépaq complies with the legislation in force regarding personal information.

6. Transaction Security

Sépaq uses advanced technology and equipment to secure online transactions.

In order to allow you to use Sépaq's Website in a secure manner, your computer must be equipped with a Web browser that uses the 128-bit SSL encryption protocol.

We recommend that you use the following browsers (be sure you have the most recent and updated version) :

Sépaq guarantees total security of your payments by credit card using data encypherment and SSL secure payment standards. At the time of the transmission of payments, this protocol converts your information into a figure code that is impossible to read (128-bit encryption). Your information is therefore coded and later converted back into intelligible information at the receiving end of the transmission. Coding consists in converting a clearly worded text into unintelligible text (cryptogram), using cryptographic techniques such as algorithms and keys. A secret key is required to decode the information and be able to read a coded page or transaction.

7. Legal Notices

Unless otherwise specified, the entire contents of the Site, including text, drawings, graphics, images and photographs, as well as the selection and arrangement thereof, are the sole property of Sépaq. Its contents are subject to intellectual property rights, including copyright, and subject to laws in other countries and international treaties relating to this matter.

The domain names used by Sépaq, including, are the sole property of Sépaq and no appropriation of the domain name by hyperlinking, framing or registering related domain names shall be permitted.

Corporate names, logos and marks used or displayed on the Site are Sépaq's trade names, trademarks or official marks. Such corporate names, marks and logos may not be copied, imitated or used, in whole or in part, without a written authorization from Sépaq.

Any individual who accesses the Site acknowledges and agrees that any unauthorized downloading, retransmission, copying or any modification of trademarks, images, text or data contained on the Site may violate trademark and copyright laws and may expose this individual to legal proceedings. Unless otherwise specified and except for the purpose of browsing on the Internet, it is strictly prohibited to copy, publish, distribute, reproduce, republish, store on any medium, retransmit, display, modify, create work derived from all or part of the Site, exploit in any way all or part of the Site or to make public or commercial use thereof in any way whatsoever. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the User may not print nor copy the HTML code or any other software which may be accessed on the Site.

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