Réserve faunique de Rimouski

Réserve faunique de Rimouski Réserve faunique de Rimouski
Réserve faunique de Rimouski - Fishing stay Armand Dubé | © Sépaq

Accessible and rewarding activities

The perfect wildlife reserve for your budding anglers! An apprentice angler site was set up specifically for youngsters near the Lac Rimouski Registration Centre. There are wharfs with railings where children can learn about fishing safely. Fishing gear is provided, and experts are on hand to help out. There are also many trails, making the river easily accessible for wade fishing. You can also go fishing for brook trout aboard a rowboat on many lakes.

Réserve faunique de Rimouski abounds with wildlife: moose, beaver, loon, and so much more. Take advantage of your visit to do some wildlife watching with the kids! Follow L’Explorateur trail to reach an observation deck and be dazzled by the panoramic view from on high. Big-wheel stroller accessible Lac Rimouski trail will lead you to an observation site. Lac Rimouski is also a perfect place for family water activities  Canoes and kayaks are available for rent. You can also take some time here to visit the exhibition entitled 50 ans de la Réserve son histoire d’hier à aujourd’hui (50 years of the reserve: its history from yesterday to today) presented at Pavillon de la relève.

In the fall, with your offspring 12 years of age and older, you can continue the hunting tradition. Your budding hunters will be ever so spoiled! For archery and crossbow hunting, specific areas have been set up for young people, with adapted watchtowers, saltlicks, and unobstructed vistas for better hunting. If you like small game hunting, watch out for ruffed grouse, spruce grouse and snowshoe hare, keeping your orange hunting garment on and your rifle in hand. Fancy a more imposing beast? Why not head off to hunt some moose?

Accommodations that the whole family can really enjoy

The Lac Rimouski area is really family friendly. The fully-equipped cabins can sleep up to eight people. You can also navigate aboard a rowboat or a kayak, play on the shore, have a barbecue, or simply relax.

You’d also like to do some fishing? You can of course opt for day fishing, but a Family Fishing package is in fact offered in this sector. And the price is right: it’s one of the very best deals on the market! In addition, every child from 6 to 17 years of age receives on-site expert advice.

Nearby, there is a camping area on the shores of Lac Rimouski. You have the choice of serviced or semi-serviced campsites. There is a hiking trail, a watercraft rental centre, and a community hall where board games are always on hand.

Réserve faunique de Rimouski
Réserve faunique de Rimouski - A well maintained grassy fishing site Armand Dubé | © Sépaq
Réserve faunique de Rimouski
Réserve faunique de Rimouski - Fishing Steve Deschênes | © Sépaq

More services to simplify your life

  • A barbecue is offered free of charge when you book a cabin. Please consult the list of outdoor equipment loaned without charge or for rent.
  • Baby monitors are available upon reservation at the Lac Rimouski Registration Centre. Please consult our family services.

Don’t forget the souvenirs

A vast array of souvenirs, clothing for adults and children, and outdoor merchandise can be found at the Boutique Faune shop.

Family experience

What is the Sépaq Family Experience?

  • Affordable prices and a number of complimentary activities for youngsters 17 and under
  • A vast array of rewarding activities adapted especially for the family
  • Equipment provided free of charge to simplify your life (in most destinations)
  • A warm welcome and a flexible family-friendly approach
  • Accommodation options for each and every budget

Look for the seal that identifies experiences especially designed for families!

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