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Saey 3

Camping - Rustic campsite

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Rustic campsite

  • May 17 to September 14, 2024

Starting at $26.75/night


  • Non-drinking water near the site


  • Inaccessible by vehicle
  • Nearest registration centre : Gagnon : 21 km
  • Accessible via footpath: 0-100 m


  • Fireplace to the left of the site
  • Site is close to number 2
  • View of a lake or river
  • Fairly dense forest cover with some sun
  • Dogs are allowed on the site

Eligible Equipment

  • Small and medium tent (sleeps 6 and less)
  • Can accept a kitchen shelter
  • We cannot guarantee that there will be space for setting up a second tent


  • Lot length: 25 feet (7,6 meters)
  • Lot width: 22 feet (6,7 meters)

Maximum capacity

  • 6 people (adults and children)

What to pack in your bags

  • You can consult this memory aid that will be useful when you assemble your baggage.
© Sépaq
© Sépaq

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  • Tente

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For families of more than 6 people, call us at 1-800-665-6527 to book your site.

Risks and requirements

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