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Walking trails

Trails ranging from 0.5 km to 3 km in length crisscross the park. Travel down them to check out the waterfall and the site’s attractions from all sorts of angles.

During winter

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Cliffside boardwalk

A must! Follow the boardwalk along the cliff. Exceptional panoramas are guaranteed all the way to the suspension bridge.

Starting point: Manoir Montmorency
Level: easy (many stairs)

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Cottage trail

This is the most accessible trail for individuals with restricted mobility and for families with a stroller or a baby carriage. The trail circles the Manoir from behind, passing through flower gardens, ephemeral works, beehives, and large green spaces. It also leads to the suspension bridge.

Starting point: Manoir Montmorency
Level: easy

Résurgences trail

The locals have kept this trail a well-kept secret. The wooded circuit runs along Rivière Montmorency upstream of the waterfall.

Starting point: east of the suspension bridge
Distance: 2.5 km return
Level: easy (many stairs)

The panoramic staircase

For some good physical exercise, take the 487-step panoramic staircase from the bottom to the top of the park. While climbing the cliffside staircase, you’ll be able to see and hear the waterfall’s might.

Starting point: east of the Station
Distance: 487-step
Level: intermediate (many stairs)

31 juillet trail

This trail connects the orchard with the foot of the waterfall. Certain sections include a steep slope.

Starting point: east of the Station
Distance: 1 km return
Level: intermediate (walking boots are recommended)

IMPORTANT! This trail is closed for the 2020 season.

de la Chute

This trail enables you to get close to the waterfall, right up to the concrete promontory. It’s the ideal place to be splashed by the spray of the waterfall and to feel all of its cascading might.

Starting point: Station
Level: easy

IMPORTANT! This trail is closed for the 2020 season.

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