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The mission of the tourist establishments is to preserve and promote certain historical treasures and tourism facilities entrusted to them by the government. This requires a management approach that is in line with sustainable development principles, as well as environmentally sound operations and service.

In 2008, Sépaq developed an environmental management program that defines the issues, orientations and objectives promoted by the organization for all of its facilities, including the 8 tourist establishments:

  • energy management
  • water management
  • waste management
  • toxic and hazardous waste management
  • design management (new infrastructures and upgrading of non-compliant designs)
  • environmentally responsible purchases (product purchase and resale, housekeeping and paper)
  • ecological hotel practices
  • awareness-raising and communication of environmental practices (staff, clientele, general public)


Training plans for better staff-clientele integration were implemented and significantly improved our daily operations. 


Regional partnerships are one of Sépaq's corporate values. The tourist establishments created partnerships with the local businesses, for example, with Station touristique Duchesnay (Arbraska Duchesnay). Using this regional partnership approach, Sépaq has joined forces with local and regional communities to meet its overall objectives, while making a significant contribution to the regional economy.

Good practices

With the aim of reducing their ecological footprint, several tourist establishments will be using electric vehicles for short drives on resort grounds. For example, Parc de la Chute-Montmorency is already using an electric cart for washroom maintenance. This ecological initiative favours the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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