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Deer hunting

White-tailed deer – the creatures we know simply as deer – have a very keen sense of hearing and smell. They run away quickly. You must melt into nature to outsmart them. It takes cunning and lots of finesse!

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white-tailed deer management plan 2020‑2027

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Sépaq Anticosti: deer island

Here you'll find deer. Lots of deer. It's the dream of a lifetime for any hunter.

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The wildlife reserves in one word: accessible

Big deer. Big antlers.

Vast exclusive hunting sectors

Peace and quiet, safety, and freedom

Big antlers to be harvested

The wildlife reserves: for the trophy lover in you.

Cutting edge mapping tools

Accurate, simple, effective... to navigate the forest and increase your chances of success.

You have questions?

Call us! Our hunting experts are there to advise you.


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