Five reasons to visit
Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata

For millennia, people have forged strong ties to the extraordinary territory of Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata. Following the stone cutters and hunters, after the lumberjacks and log drivers, today we have become the protectors of this land.

While first and foremost a place of calm and contemplation, this destination in the Bas-Saint-Laurent tourist region is also a meeting ground for families and outdoor enthusiasts. And here’s why Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata should be on your must-see list this summer!

The splendour of Lac Touladi and Lac Témiscouata

Looking for sandy shores, lakeside trails, or outings on the water? You’ll find it all here on the majestic 40-kilometre-long Témiscouata and Touladi lake chain, used for millennia as a thoroughfare for travellers. While kayaking, canoeing, paddle boating, stand-up paddle surfing, or rabaska canoeing on the open water, you’ll have a unique opportunity to spot the park's iconic emblem: the magnificent bald eagle. 

Three camping sectors where you’ll want to spend the night

There is nothing better than a night under the stars to take in the soothing spirit of the park. If you’re looking to be near Lac Témiscouata and the services offered on site, Camping Anse-à-Williams is just the place for you! Or if you’d like to spend the night at the historic heart of the park, why not pick a site at Camping du Grand-Lac-Touladi? This is where time stops and where a combination of terrestrial and aquatic environments blend to perfection. For ready-to-camp enthusiasts, a small village of 14 units at Camping Grands-Pins will be a source of delight.

Discovering 10,000 years of history

In the heart of the park, at the outlet of the Grand Lac Touladi, dive into history and learn about the special ties forged between humans and nature for thousands of years. The park is home to some 54 known archaeological sites, and discovery activities in the Jardin des Mémoires provide a unique opportunity to take part in real excavations with our resident archaeologist.

The Curious-by-nature trail

The first of its kind in the Sépaq network, this 720-metre trail for kids includes 6 discovery stations, each recounting a moment in the history of the park territory. Through physical challenges and discovery games, children will be given a chance to let loose while learning more about the park. Imitating beavers, log drivers, Native Americans, and eagles, they will have to build a hut, leap from trunk to trunk, hunt caribou, and soar across a zipline.

A paradise for cycling enthusiasts

Hop on your bike and head out for an adventure along the banks of Lac Témiscouata! The Grey-Owl multifunctional trail connects the boardwalk to Anse à William cove. From there, the addition of a new nautical shuttle will enable you to reach Petit-Témis bike path and make a 24 km loop on both sides of Lac Témiscouata. The paved roads of the park allow road cycling enthusiasts to explore 26 km of elevated curves!

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