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Fishing Moments

At the heart of Sépaq territories, where lakes and rivers are counted in the hundreds of thousands, fishing is part of the traditions. Through these few fishing moments, you’ll see why this sporting activity, which provides its share of exhilaration, has such a loyal following!

Fokus Productions | © Sépaq

The action | © Sépaq

This is the moment that all anglers impatiently await. The adrenaline rush, the moment of euphoria, and the sense of pride when we catch a fish. Now it's your turn to share your exciting memories with us!

The family | © Sépaq

Fishing is much more than simply fish! Because beyond the pleasure of catching a fine specimen, there are also all these magical moments spent with your family which make this activity so special. As a bonus, young and old alike will return home with many great memories that they’ll cherish forever.

The beauty of fish | © Sépaq

Seeing a fishing trophy of such beauty, it’s difficult to resist the urge to storm Québec’s waterways to go tease out a few brook trout. Fresh out of the water, they’ll introduce themselves to you looking splendid as always. What magnificent fish!

The pride | © Sépaq

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a young apprentice, whether your catch is the biggest you’ve ever hooked or not among the elite of its kind, a common feeling unites you. This moment of pride that makes our sport so exciting!

The cabin | © Sépaq

The perfect place where we really start to relax and appreciate the world of nature around us. As soon as we arrive on site, we start dreaming about our first catches, in the comfort of this special spot in the heart of the forest. Cabins are truly the best type of accommodation to take advantage of a fishing stay!

The fauna | © Sépaq

Keep an eye on your line or on the potential movements of the much coveted fish. But also take a moment to look at everything around you. Surprising and impromptu encounters await you. Take advantage of this unique privilege offered to you by the place where you fish. The vast and beautiful nature of Québec has so much to offer you.

The landscapes | © Sépaq

On board your boat, stunning territories and waterways stretching beyond the horizon will pass before your eyes. It would be difficult to ask for a better playground. In between reeling in two fish, stop, if only for a moment, to admire your surroundings. More than ever before, you'll feel like you're alone in the world!

The rain | © Sépaq

It’s often in these moments when Mother Nature is not on our side that we recognize the diehards. Are you one of those people who fish rain or shine? Are your angler friends among these select few?

The reunion | © Sépaq

The weather is getting warmer; the ice is slowly beginning to disappear from the waterways. An early sign that that it’s time to get together again. Gathered around the fire, on the edge of a lake, our anglers are already dreaming about their first catch of the season!

Reeling one last one in | © Sépaq

Because we always want to try again, if only one last time, before the sun sets. We dream of the big fish that will bite and make our fishing trip a great success. This is the very best moment of the day.

The shore lunch | © Sépaq

A true delight and a source of great pride! Because there’s nothing better than eating freshly caught fish that’s just been cooked a few steps from where we dropped our line. Enjoy the experience of a shore lunch in wildlife reserves!

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