Six exercises for a pre-hike workout

In collaboration with Dany-Pier Bernier, Cardio Plein Air franchisee.

This summer, everyone's going hiking! Here are six simple exercises to help you reach the most spectacular lookouts more easily. All set? 

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Considered a basic movement in muscle training programs, squats target your quadriceps. Quadriceps are the muscles most often called on during your ascents. Their strengthening will enable you to gain power and endurance. This functional movement involves a simple bending of your knees as deeply as you wish, adding a weight or even a movement (forward, backward, or side to side). (Video in French only)

The T

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Mobility exercises are important for reducing the risk of hiking injuries, but by working on stability through balancing on one leg, you'll strengthen the posterior chain while exercising ankle stabilizing muscles to help prevent falls during your hikes. (Video in French only)


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Lunges are also a very comprehensive form of exercise calling on buttock muscles, quadriceps, and hip flexors. This will enable you to extend your strides during hikes. Try many variants of this exercise to avoid getting bored. (Video in French only)

Two-legged or one-legged plantar flexion

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The strengthening of your calves will help you avoid calf cramps while hiking. For a complete exercise, maintain the contraction at least two seconds in the high position on the tip of your toes, stabilize your abs, and work on your balance. Add a weight (for example, your bag on your back) for a more vigorous workout. (Video in French only)

Bridge exercise

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The strengthening of the posterior chain through the bridge exercise will increase your performance and make you stronger when you hit the trails. (Video in French only)

Frontal plank

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The plank is the most effective exercise for a risk-free toning of your abs. This exercise, mainly carried out with your body weight, involves about 20 muscles above and beyond your abs. Of course, you build up your abdominal muscles, but also your back, shoulders, arms, legs, and even your buttocks. (Video in French only)

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