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Where you can learn everything there is to know about scientific research

Sépaq territories have much to offer researchers and scientific activities enthusiasts. Amateur ornithologists, archaeologists, mycologists, entomologists, astronomers, and herbalists find what they’re looking for at Sépaq.

In addition to recreational activities and scientific research, Sépaq destinations offer discovery activities that awaken an interest in the natural sciences. Here are a few places where you can participate in or learn a little more about scientific research activities so as to help advance the cause of science!

Parc national du Mont-Mégantic Parc national du Mont-Mégantic
Parc national du Mont-Mégantic Steve Deschênes | © Sépaq

Parc national du Mont-Mégantic

ASTROLab of Parc national du Mont-Mégantic, a centre of astronomy activities dedicated to making science accessible, focuses on astronomy, geology, biology, and ecology. Guided day tours of ASTROLab and Mount Megantic Popular Observatory, astrology evenings at ASTROLab and the Popular Observatory, the People’s Astronomy Festival, and the Perseids Nights are also among the activities that will help you discover the fascinating world at the heart of the International Dark Sky Reserve.

Parc national de Miguasha

Parc national de Miguasha offers organized activities at the cliff where a few hundred new fossil specimens are discovered each and every year. Almost all of the fossils are collected by the park team. On August 7, 2016, a young visitor discovered a diplacanthus! Imagine that! Not only did young Nicolas have a keen enough eye to spot the splendid specimen measuring barely 8 cm long among all the pebbles on the beach, but he also had the reflex to quickly report his discovery to a naturalist without attempting to open the rock so as to better contemplate the treasure and risk damaging it. Nicolas was therefore able to make his valuable contribution to Parc national de Miguasha’s conservation mission, and to highlight his sensitivity regarding the preservation of the paleontological heritage, his name will forever be associated with his discovery in the collection's computerized database.

Parc national du Mont-Orford

Looking for adventure on Lake Stukely? Then the Kayakeau activity is just for you! The life-sustaining role of vulnerable waterways will be at the heart of your discovery. The SOS Chauves-souris activity is an introduction to the universe of these small mammals that fly under the radar and are now experiencing a significant decline. Another activity, Des sabots plein les bois, invites visitors to experience the four seasons of this large mammal during a presentation with a lot of panache!

Parc national de Miguasha
Parc national de Miguasha Mathieu Dupuis | © Sépaq
Parc national du Mont-Orford
Parc national du Mont-Orford Sébastien Larose | © Sépaq
Aquarium du Québec
Aquarium du Québec Francis Bouchard | © Sépaq
Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata
Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata Mathieu Dupuis | © Sépaq
Parc national de Plaisance
Parc national de Plaisance Mathieu Dupuis | © Sépaq

Aquarium du Québec

A hub for conservation and education, Aquarium du Québec is a true laboratory for youngsters. Combining learning and emotions, the Aquarium promotes awareness and conservation of animal species and their environment, as well as an understanding of the bonds that unite us. So it is that during school activities for primary and secondary school children, our passionate animal guides pass on their knowledge, helping these youngsters understand the fragility of the marine world and discover multiple specimens along the way.

Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata

If you’re a history buff, you’ve just got to stop at Parc national du Lac-Témiscouata, where the spirit of the place and the wealth of 10,000 years of history will beguile you. You can even take part in archeological digs! In fact, you’ll become an actor in the research being conducted at the park. So come and dig in the company of an experienced archeologist. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to discover certain secrets that have been buried for millennia!

Parc national de Plaisance

Parc national de Plaisance is the go-to place for amateur ornithologists and wildlife enthusiasts alike. This destination is full of surprises in every season! Wherever you are in the park, you’ll find wildlife nearby. In addition to being an important migratory stopover, the park welcomes more than 250 species that can be observed in different habitats. The beaver, at dusk, is in the spotlight on the park’s waterways. All summer long, when the sun is at its zenith, turtles can easily be spotted in the many wetlands. Keep your eyes peeled for stumps and for branches emerging from the water and you’re sure to find some turtles.

The park offers a vast array of discovery activities focusing on its resident wildlife. You’ll learn all sorts of wildlife watching tricks!

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