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Maple and orange trout

In collaboration with Geneviève O’Gleman, nutritionist,

Have you ever gone fishing then cooked your catches of the day on the barbecue or on the campfire and ended up with half the fish stuck to the grill? Such a bummer!

During my recent fishing trip at Réserve faunique Rouge-Matawin, we all caught our limit so I ended up with a large mess of small trout. I took advantage to have fun testing recipes and outdoor fish cooking tricks.

Caroline Dostie | © Sépaq

My favourite trick…what am I saying? my revelation actually… was to place my trout on orange slices. They protect the delicate flesh of the fish and, at the same time, infuse it with orange flavours, which are a great complement to the taste of the trout. The whole family loved it.

The recipe I’d like to share has only four ingredients: trout, maple flakes (easier to bring when camping than maple syrup), steak spices, and oranges. Other than freshly caught trout, everything is kept at room temperature, so this recipe won’t overload your cooler!

Caroline Dostie | © Sépaq
Caroline Dostie | © Sépaq
Caroline Dostie | © Sépaq
Caroline Dostie | © Sépaq

Once the trout have been gutted and are very clean, I spread maple flakes and spices inside and outside the trout so that they end up very tasty. That’s it… all that’s left to do is cook them!

On the barbecue, it’s easy! Preheat the barbecue to medium heat, spread the orange slices on the grill, place the seasoned trout, and close the lid during the cooking process.

If you don't have a barbecue at your campsite, you can also use this method on a campfire. Aa a bonus, you’ll enjoy the delicious taste of smoked trout. Make sure you have decent embers and not too many big flames. Place the grill quite low so that the heat of the embers can irradiate and cook the fish. If the grill is too high, cooking will take forever!

You’ll see, thanks to this trick, cooking fish is so easy that your limit will be quickly devoured, and you can go back to having fun on the water!

Check out the full recipe (in French only)

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