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Anti-leftover meal dip

In collaboration with Geneviève O’Gleman, nutritionist,

I love anti-waste recipes. (Or rather, I hate to waste!) Camping is no exception. Over time, I’ve come up with all kinds of recipes to make use of those leftovers taking up real estate in the fridge’s cooler compartment. Because after a few days of planned meals, there are always leftover cooked vegetables and meat. This meal dip (in French only) is one such recipe, perfect for making use of everything you have left!

Daphné Caron and Nicolas Gauthier | © Sépaq

Do you have some leftover cooked steak, chicken breasts, or pork fillets? All you have to do is chop them up and add them to your dip. You can even mix everything together if you still have different kinds of meat left. A can of tuna could also be used as the foundation of the dip. When I go camping, I always bring a can of legumes just in case. This always comes in handy! I use the legumes to transform a salad or a soup into a full protein-rich meal. If I didn’t use my can of legumes by the end of the stay and I don’t have any perishable food to put forward, then the contents of my can of legumes will end up in the dip. The objective is to return home as light as possible!

I also always have some raw vegetables left, and this recipe is a perfect way to make use of them; I chop everything very finely and add the veggies to my skillet. If you don't have any vegetables left, or not the quantity called for in the recipe, don’t worry, add what you have, or don’t add any at all. Then throw in the salsa and the cheese; all that’s left to do is simmer the concoction gently while you enjoy a last evening outdoors.

Daphné Caron and Nicolas Gauthier | © Sépaq
Daphné Caron and Nicolas Gauthier | © Sépaq
Daphné Caron and Nicolas Gauthier | © Sépaq
Daphné Caron and Nicolas Gauthier | © Sépaq

If you plan on cooking up the dip on a campfire, use a heavy, more resistant skillet. Place the grill near the embers, but not directly over the flames. If you instead have a non-stick skillet, or if you’re camping during a period when campfires are prohibited, use your propane or butane stove. The dip will be just as good. I guarantee it!

When the dip is bubbly and the cheese has melted nicely, it’s ready! Serve it with corn chips or crackers, or bread if you’re out of chips. If need be, you can even eat it with a spoon, like a good chili!

Get your friends together, crack open a few local microbrewery beers, and celebrate the pleasure of being together, at the heart of nature!

Check out the full recipe (in French only)

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