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In collaboration with Geneviève O’Gleman, nutritionist,

Another chilly early morning? Wrap yourself in your eiderdown and prepare this comforting crisp (in French only) for your family. It has become a go-to when I head off camping. I’m sure it’ll become a favourite of yours as well!

Daphné Caron and Nicolas Gauthier | © Sépaq

All you have to do is gather up all the fruit rattling around in your fridge’s cooler compartment: apples, pears, peaches, plums, or berries. Even if they’re pockmarked or a little soft, they’ll do the trick. Combine what you have; the idea is to not waste anything. Cut the big fruit into cubes, hull the strawberries, pit the cherries… well, sure it requires a bit of prep, but if you ask for some help, thanks to a dash of teamwork, your tasty delight will be ready in no time flat.

When I go camping, I always bring some granola. It’s perfect for breakfast, with milk or Greek-style yogurt, or even to nibble as is, during a hike, or for a snack by the fire. I love it! This is the same granola that I add to the crisp. This way, I avoid having to prepare the topping from scratch, as I would at home when I make a crisp with oat, flour, butter, and all the rest.

Daphné Caron and Nicolas Gauthier | © Sépaq
Daphné Caron and Nicolas Gauthier | © Sépaq

If you intend to stay at your campground for part of the morning, it’s worth starting a campfire to cook the crisp. In this case, use a heavy skillet. The fruit will slowly caramelize and develop that characteristic taste of wood-fire cooking.

If you plan on setting off to explore the park right after breakfast, you should cook the crisp on the propane or butane stove instead. It’ll be very good and be done quite a bit quicker! In this case, a non-stick or stainless-steel skillet will do the trick.

Serve your crisp with Greek-style yogurt for extra protein to keep you going longer. You can also add nuts to your granola if you prefer.

Daphné Caron and Nicolas Gauthier | © Sépaq
Daphné Caron and Nicolas Gauthier | © Sépaq

You still have some crisp left? Keep the leftovers in a small airtight container in the cooler; it’ll be very delicious as a dessert.

And, as everyone will be asking for second helpings, don’t hesitate to organize a camping-themed evening at home. The barbecue will be perfect to transform the pockmarked fruit at the back of your fridge into a delicious crisp that you can enjoy while reminiscing about your camping adventures!

Check out the full recipe (in French only)

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