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Hiker’s energy balls

In collaboration with Geneviève O’Gleman, nutritionist,

My favourite snack when I go on a hike is without doubt energy balls. They’re simple to transport, easy to eat on the trails, often better for your health, and always more environmentally friendly than overpackaged store-bought bars. I add several to a snack bag or an airtight container and savour them slowly while ambling down the trails. An energy ball snack gives me a little boost before a challenging climb!

Daphné Caron and Nicolas Gauthier | © Sépaq

For the sake of variety, I even created a number of energy ball recipes (in French only). And I’ll probably never get tired of these hearty snacks because I can customize them at will. Every time I prepare them, they’re a bit different from last time around.

The secret trick? Using a different trail mix. You can even prepare these balls while camping, since they don’t need to be cooked. Simply chop your trail mix more finely (it’ll be easier to form balls) and combine the chopped mixture with the other ingredients.

If you want, you can even prepare your own trail concoction by mixing an equal amount of nuts and dried fruit. You can also mix in several types of nuts and add your favourite dried fruit. You can even throw in a few salty pretzels, pieces of crushed black chocolate, or big coconut shavings.

Daphné Caron and Nicolas Gauthier | © Sépaq
Daphné Caron and Nicolas Gauthier | © Sépaq
Daphné Caron and Nicolas Gauthier | © Sépaq
Daphné Caron and Nicolas Gauthier | © Sépaq

Prepare a decent amount of trail mix not only when cooking up energy balls at home but also to bring for your camping trip, to nibble while hiking, or to add to your hiker’s crepes, based on my recipe of course (in French only).

Here you’ve got a snack, ready in only 15 minutes, which will help you stay in peak shape… or at the peak of the mountain. In both cases, they’re a sure bet!

Check out the full recipe (in French only)

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