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Hunting and fishing cuisine

One recipe at a time, our collaborators and friends – hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts – invite you to cook local fish and game without any muss or fuss. Let's eat!

Julien Desmeules | © Sépaq

Fish recipes


Orange trout

With only four ingredients, these sweet and savoury trout will quickly become a must on all your fishing trips.

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Lucas A. Holmes | © Sépaq

Fish Tacos

You have to admit that it's impossible not to be in seventh heaven when you eat fish tacos! Plus, you can take the gustatory pleasure to the next level by making your own homemade corn tacos, for a taste of Mexico as if you were right there. A very simple recipe, bursting with flavour and perfect for impressing your fishing buddies!

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Émile David | © Sépaq

Trout with Morel Mushrooms

To enjoy your catch right on the shore, try this delicious morel mushroom trout recipe courtesy of Émile David. It's so simple that we bet it will become one of your go-to classics from now on! Here’s a hot tip: you can also make this recipe with your own favourite mushroom!

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Venison recipes


Simon-Pierre Murdock | © Sépaq

Moose and beet shepherd's pie

Shepherd's pie is a classic that kids (and adults) always love! Here, Simon-Pierre Murdock's version from Morille Québec proves that it' s possible to take this recipe to a whole new level. How do you do it? With game meat, cheese curds along with the potatoes, and a generous beet coulis to add that little sweet touch we love so much. Warning: your ketchup might stay in the fridge. Are you game to try it out?

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Julien Desmeules | © Sépaq

Hunter-gatherer's mini meatballs

Here we revisit a classic Italian recipe: miniature Sicilian meatballs! This Quebec version by Simon-Pierre Murdock, founder of Morille Québec, is prepared with game meat and wild mushrooms. We warn you: this recipe for miniature meatballs may officially dethrone your favorite spaghetti sauce. A must try for one and all!

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Émile David | © Sépaq

Pad Thai partridge

A homemade Masson-potted sauce and a harvest of three ruffed grouse is all you'll need to treat yourself at suppertime. At the cabin as well as on the campsite, you'll love the small game Pad Thai created by Émile David.

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Alexis Pageau | © Sépaq

Moose meat chili

There’s nothing quite so comforting as a good chili that you can enjoy quietly after a day spent in the woods. As a bonus, this recipe is a great freezer-emptier! Exactly what you need to make room for your new harvests and catches. 

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Hare en crapaudine and flambéed giblets over the open fire

A simple gourmet recipe that’s cooked 100% outdoors over an open fire. This is what Valérie Lacroix of Cuisine sur le feu proposes with this recipe for hare. A touch of pine, maple syrup, and apple cider vinegar for a feast of local flavours! What do you say we give it a try?

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Be sure to cook the game meat thoroughly, without leaving any pink.

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